Top 10 Christmas Holiday Destinations For Families

Christmas is a time to celebrate and have fun as you await a new year. It’s much more enjoyable to do it with your family. As you dine, play games, and open gifts together, it’s a fantastic way to bond.

Going on Christmas holidays is the ideal present for your children and other family members. Travelling with your family allows you to expose your children to different cultures, foods, and languages.

If you haven’t decided where you want to spend your Christmas break, we’ve compiled a list of the ten top destinations to visit with family.

Athens, Greece

Athens traditionally provides a warm welcome for visitors throughout the Christmas season. The city’s lit squares and streets reverberate with music and revelry, and thousands of sparkling fairy lights adorn hotels, stores, cafés, and restaurants. With its sparkling Christmas tree, confectionery booths, and various events, Syntagma Square is the epicentre of the festivities, immersing the entire city in the festive spirit.

It’s that time of year when cultural centres like Technopolis and other similar locations provide many relaxation and entertainment options. Whatever you pick, whether it’s theatrical performances, music concerts, outdoor activities, charity bazaars, or the famed Athenian nightlife, it’ll have that unique Christmas shine.

Popular Christmas destinations

Rovaniemi, Finland

There is a general belief that Santa Claus’ house is in Rovaniemi, also known as the Christmas headquarters. Most families opt to spend their Christmas holidays at Rovaniemi because it is the hometown of Santa Claus.

In that case, your children can participate in cookie-making lessons, calligraphy classes, and other activities like writing their Christmas wishes in the old way.

The sledge-led reindeer safari at the Sirmakko reindeer farm and the Arktikum is worth trying if you want your family to enjoy the experience of the Northern Lights. Another must-visit site is Hotel Arctic Snow, entirely constructed of ice and snow and offers the most authentic Christmas experience.

Bath, England

Bath is the only British city to have been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on its whole. Imagine spending your family’s Christmas season in such a historic city, full of tradition. You can start your Christmas festivities with a musical performance at The Theatre Royal, followed by mince pies and mulled wine.

The city will perform more dramas, musicals, and concerts at the theatre. The performance is enjoyable, but the best way to enjoy your festivities is to attend the 18-day Bath Christmas Market, which sells solely British handcrafted products.

Santa Claus, Indiana

Don’t be misled by the town’s 3000 inhabitants. Santa Claus receives hundreds of letters from children every year, making Christmas a yearly hubby for him. The city’s Christmas organizers didn’t want so many children to be disappointed, so in 1930 they established Santa’s Elves, a group of volunteers that meticulously respond to every letter.

The Land of Lights show, a 1.2-mile road complete with lights, is the coolest thing to see when you’re here with your family for the holidays.

New York, USA

Traditions abound during Christmas in New York. For a long time, the Rockefeller Center has been the focal point of all Christmas festivities. For almost 80 years, it has been customary to decorate a Christmas tree. Try not to miss the annual Radio City Christmas Spectacular and the market on Columbus Circle. Your family and children will undoubtedly appreciate the luxury of New York hospitality.


If you have children, we strongly suggest you spend your Christmas vacation in Malta. In a field of 0.2 square kilometres, over 200 performers portray a scenario from 2000 years ago. People may stroll about and observe individuals, and occasionally entire families, living as they did in the past — complete with cattle grazing and other activities.

The open setting allows your children to learn about historical practices. You should check out St. John’s Cathedral to hear some of the greatest songs and Republic Street to see some of the most spectacular Christmas lights. Don’t miss the Museum of Toys, a private museum featuring late-eighteenth-century toys if you’re travelling with children.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sinterklaas, the Dutch equivalent of St. Nicholas, bestows presents on children on December 5 (Saint Nicholas’ Eve). So, if you go to Amsterdam for a family vacation, you could wind up with two Christmases. Between these two events, the city celebrates with lights, trees, parties, and gifts adorning the streets.

If your family’s vacation is long enough, you should also consider spending Christmas in Valkenburg, a tiny Dutch town. The Velvet Cave in Valkenburg is now a Christmas Market, and you have to feel the Christmas mood to believe it.

Quebec City, Canada

Quebec has its take on green Christmas, so don’t be astonished if you see recycled materials used to construct a tree. That’s just how the people of Quebec are. Outdoor activities of various types are available for you and your family to enjoy throughout the Christmas season. If nativity scenes are your style, you’ll have no difficulty finding them.

In a nutshell, the lights, decorations, and snow combine to create a fantastic scene unlike any other. Your family should celebrate the Grande Allée’s outdoor New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has the world’s most extended Christmas celebration, which runs until January 5. On January 4th evening, the Kings’ men come on their ship, the Santa Eulalia, for the King’s day. They fire Christmas works, and the King’s Men march through the streets in full, colourful regalia, complete with elephants and camels. It is a lovely scene that your family will enjoy. For families with children, it is one of the most excellent Christmas vacation alternatives.

Nuremberg, Germany

If you and your family plan on visiting Nuremberg, Germany, during the Christmas season, don’t miss the Christmas Market. It attracts travellers from all over the world, both residents and visitors from other countries.

Nurnberg Christkindlesmarkt (Nuremberg Christmas market) attracts over 2 million people each Christmas season. It is a great idea to try the enormous carved wooden Ferris wheel and the steam train while you’re there. The market’s appeal stems from its focus solely on Christmas; thus, you’ll only find handcrafted toys and seasonal items.

Travelling with Children

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