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Travelling to Portugal? Our luggage shipping services are super-fast, convenient, and cheap, allowing you to travel with no luggage.

Luggage Delivery Company takes the hassle out of transporting your luggage to Portugal. There is no need to worry about excess baggage fees because we offer a low-cost door-to-door service from your home to your destination and back.

Shipping Luggage when Relocating to Portugal

One thing that might worry you when moving to a new house, especially in a new country, is damaging some of your highly valued items. It might also be unreasonably costly to transport in bulk through airlines. Even worse, you might be forced to sell items at a throw-away price to escape the transportation hustle.

Shipping luggage to Portugal

With luggage delivery services, you get a cheaper transportation fee, not forgetting that you will not need to hire any additional transport to your home as is the case with airlines.

Book Luggage Delivery Online – It Only Takes Seconds

We make booking your essential baggage delivery services easy through a step-by-step onsite guide. First, we ask for your destinations and service dates, where you can also choose one way or return if you’re going on a vacation. We then let you select your luggage dimensions and weight for a cost estimate. Lastly, we send you an order summary after choosing a delivery method and acquiring your contact details.

Portugal is a unique destination in Europe. The next time you visit, you need to do so in style to make the most out of your trip.

Send Your Student Luggage To Portugal

As an international student, dragging bulky luggage from your home, through airports and cities to the hostels, or whichever accommodation you acquire is not the best welcome to a new country. Besides, it might sell you out to criminals as you openly appear as a stranger. 

You also don’t want to leave some essential items such as heavy jackets or items with sentimental value in an effort to maintain a reasonable checking-in charge at the airport. 

Luggage delivery company takes care of your luggage delivery door to door with more affordable rates than the airlines.

Study in Portugal

Aside from having some of the best universities in the world, international students prefer Portugal for its low living costs and adventurous lifestyle outside of school. A variety of universities offer a wide range of courses, with some specializing in specific fields such as research.

However, note that most of the universities teach in Portuguese. Therefore, you must at least meet B1 or B2 proficiency levels to get admitted. But some universities also teach in English, such as the University of Lisbon.

Other top universities include the University of Porto and the Catholic University of Portugal. You might also prefer learning from the country’s oldest university, the University of Coimbra, founded as early as 1290. If you are an undergraduate, you can submit your application through Candidatura Online to select up to six universities and programs that you prefer.

You should enquire about any further requirements with your specific institution, as requirements vary across different institutions.

Holiday Travel To Portugal 

Portugal is a strategic location to enjoy some of your favourite outdoor activities. For instance, people travel from all over the world to experience a 40-meter bungee jump at the Marina. You might not know that it is one of the only five water-touching bungee jumps in the world.

You can also carry along your hiking gear for a rare view of the summits at Madeira, where some go above the clouds. Alternatively, you can skydive in tandem to break the redundancy of your vacation. 

Not forgetting the surfers and skiers, Portugal has something for every kind of adventurous soul. 

Ship Your Sports Gears To Portugal

With a variety of sporting activities available in a peaceful country like Portugal, the only challenge you may face is bringing your equipment into the country safely and without incident. The most significant deterrent to shipping with airlines is their exorbitant fees. Even if you can afford it, you’ll still bite your nails, hoping that the airport staff doesn’t damage your belongings.

Luggage Delivery Company is here to save you from these risks and assure you of timely delivery with a luggage courier service you can travel to your destination knowing your equipment will arrive safe and sound at your destination.

Expatriate Travel To Portugal

If you’re thinking of relocating to one of the peaceful and naturally breathtaking European countries, Portugal has some of the most pocket-friendly areas to live in. There you’ll get to choose between bustling city life or the ambient rural area.

Lisbon is the most preferred city due to its excellent transport network, lively nightlife, and ancient-looking environments.  Alternatively, you could settle on the peaceful outskirts of Porto, Lisbon’s competitor, when it comes to tourism. 

If you are the rural type of person, Chaves is a highly affordable area that sits close to the Spanish border. In Chaves, property costs much cheaper than in Lisbon, although the area is cold. 

Get Assistance with Portugal Customs Clearance

Another benefit of hiring a Luggage Delivery Company to Portugal is that we handle customs clearances on your behalf. Therefore, you can enjoy an undisrupted flight and even take peaceful naps, only worrying about your carry-on.

You only need to ensure that none of your items falls under the prohibited items list. 

About Portugal

Your Portugal experience can be many things from medieval castles, cobblestones villages, captivating cities and golden beaches. History and fantastic food, breathtaking scenery and this is only the beginning.

The Portuguese are very friendly, though many find it difficult to communicate effectively in English. As a result, you should learn some basic Portuguese to help you blend in. Nonetheless, here are some suggestions for making your visit more meaningful.

The best season to visit Portugal is in the spring (March-May) the country starts to bloom after the winter. Travelling between September to October) the days are still long and the crowds have disappeared.

June to August can be extremely hot, especially in central Portugal. During this time the water temperature is higher than usual and people flock to the beaches.

In the winter there is still plenty of sunlight. While many of the beach resorts are closed at this time of the year, this could be a great time to explore the cities.

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