Door to Door International Shipping of Luggage, Boxes & Sports Equipment

With Luggage Delivery Company, you can ship your luggage around the world. We offer the most expert international shipping services. So whether you need to ship your bags ahead of you when going on vacation, or you are looking for a company to ship your boxes for a move, or you are a student going to uni and need to figure out how to get all of your items to campus, Luggage Delivery Company can take care of all your needs. When sending your luggage to your destination, you can save both time and money. If you are travelling for pleasure or for business, we will handle all of the heavy lifting, allowing you to breeze through the airport with ease.

Whether sending your unaccompanied excess 20kg cases or your ski equipment, golf clubs, or bikes, we ensure safe delivery of all your items. When it comes to shipping specialty items, such as sports equipment, musical instruments, etc. Luggage Delivery Company is the premier shipping service around the globe.

Most Popular Shipping Services

Excess Baggage & 20 Kg Suitcases
We make shipping unaccompanied baggage as easy as can be.
Student Shipping & Removals
Studying Abroad
Ship your luggage ahead of time to your college or university saving you time to study.
Bike Shipping
Get your bike shipped to your preferred cycling destination save time, money and energy.
Golf Club Shipping
Ship your golf clubs leaving you more time to improve your swing.
Breeze through the airport with only your hand luggage and let us take care of your ski equipment.
Shipping Musical Instruments
Shipping Musical Instruments
We specialize in shipping all types of musical instruments, from violins to entire drum sets.
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