easyJet Luggage Allowance


If you are travelling with easyJet on an upcoming flight, here’s everything you need to know about your easyJet baggage allowance, restrictions, and fees.

You can also see how our global door-to-door luggage delivery service is much cheaper than taking a bag on board with easyJet.

Luggage Delivery Company door-to-door delivery price compared to easyJet

Hold luggage
up to 23 kg

  • France
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Spain


  • £48
  • £48
  • £48
  • £48
  • £48

Luggage Delivery
Company Price

  • £25.40
  • £30.46
  • £22.59
  • £22.59
  • £30.46
EasyJet Baggage Allowance

easyJet luggage allowances have all changed in 2021 make sure you are updated with all the correct information. Plan ahead so as not to get stuck with expensive costs at the airport.

New cabin bag policy:

  • One small cabin bag per person – 45 x 36 x 20 cm (including handles & wheels)
  • Large overhead cabin bag – 56 x 45 x 25 cm charges apply except easyJet Plus & Flexi fare customers
  • Hold luggage – No item larger than the max total size of (length + width + height) = under 275 cm – charges apply

Sending your Luggage

easyJet, like many low-cost airlines, has strict luggage allowance policies. The obvious advantage is lower prices for those who choose to travel with minimal luggage. However, when travelling long distances or with specialized sports equipment, the restrictions and fees can quickly add up.

Luggage delivery companies, as opposed to airlines, specialize in baggage transportation and can thus provide the most flexible luggage delivery options. From lower transportation costs to higher security and professional handling of items, the benefits of using a luggage delivery service often outweigh any convenience offered by an airline. Instead of worrying about sizes and weights at the airport, plan ahead of time. Allow the luggage delivery service to pick up your bags from home and transport them directly to your destination.

Small Hand Luggage Allowances

Generally, every seat is entitled to a single under-seat baggage space. However, this space is very limited in size. The maximum size for a carry-on is 45 x 36 x 20cm. If your cabin luggage exceeds the limit, it is transferred to the checked luggage and an additional fee of £50 is charged.

Extra Hand Luggage Allowance

If you require more space, select an Up Front or Extra Legroom reservation. These reservations come with the basic under-front-seat space and additional overhead baggage allowances. The overhead compartment can fit larger bags. Often enough for a small trolly or duffle bag. You may book online or through the airline’s customer service but take into account these seats come at additional costs.

Checked Baggage

The easyJet hold baggage fee for 23 kg is between £9.49 and £42.49 one way, depending on the route and flight period, or £48 when paid at the airport. A smaller allowance of 15 kg can be purchased online for between £6.99 and £35.49.

Automatic Reservation Baggage Allowance

In case you do not get to choose your booking and are automatically allocated, you will only be allowed to use the under-front-seat baggage space. This rule applies regardless of the seat type you are given. It is also important to know that easyJet offers ‘Hands-Free’ services for travellers who do not want to handle their luggage personally when at the airport. Such services can be booked online or at the airport from £7 or the family bundle going for £16.  

Plus Card and FLEXI fare Baggage Allowance

If you are booked in either of these categories, the airline requires that you show your boarding pass at the gate to receive an overhead baggage allowance. If you are a Plus cardholder, the airline will award you Upfront and Extra legroom priorities free for your membership.

Like many low fare airlines, easyJet has very restrictive policies for luggage allowances. The obvious benefit is lower prices for those choosing to travel with little luggage. However, when making a long trip or a trip with special sports equipment, the restrictions and fees can pile up quite quickly.

Unlike airlines, luggage delivery companies specialize in baggage transportation and therefore can offer most flexible luggage delivery options. From favourable transportation costs to high security and professional handling of items, the perks of using a luggage delivery service will often outweigh any convenience an airline may offer… Instead of worrying about sizes and weights when at the airport, arrange those details in advance. Let the luggage delivery company pick up your bags at your home and transfer them directly to your destination.

Booking luggage delivery services is incredibly simple. Go to the company’s website and enter your baggage details including size and weight to receive a price quote. Schedule a pick-up date at your current location and track the delivery progress from your smart device. You do not have to wait until the day of your flight. Arrange for your luggage to arrive in advance of your trip to ensure no delays on your holiday.

Children’s Baggage

When travelling with an infant on your lap, you are allowed an additional carry-on bag for the child. This additional bag cannot be larger than 45 x 36 x 20cm. Additionally, you may carry any two of the following: a buggy, travel cot, double pushchair, car seat, booster seat, baby back courier, and a collapsible/non-collapsible pram. These items must be gate checked. They will be waiting for you when leaving the plane. Usually held at the jetway for your convenience.

Children above two years must have a ticket booked in their name and normal baggage restrictions apply.

Sports Equipment

If you wish to take your sporting equipment with you, the airline allows a maximum of six items per passenger. The weight allowances are divided into two categories: 20 kilograms and 32 kilograms. Costs vary from £37 one way for a small item and £45 for larger items. At the airport, the costs increase

You can also opt to pool your luggage with sports equipment.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments can be checked into the hold on easyJet. This is calculated and based on the checked luggage fees and sizes.

It is possible to book an extra seat for larger instruments, but there are size restrictions. Alternatively, you could save time and money by entrusting your valuable instruments to a specialized shipping company that will ship door to door to your destination.

easyJet Luggage Restrictions

easyJet has strict restrictions on what it allows onboard. Items not allowed on flights include stunning devices, matches, chemicals, toxic substances, hoverboards, toy guns or firearms, camping stoves, fuel, liquid oxygen, and explosives. Please be sure to check the EasyJet website if there are any questions regarding dangerous items. 

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