Shipping Luggage to Greece

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Are you arranging a little get-away to Greece? Whether you’re going on holiday, touring the countryside, or visiting loved ones, Luggage Delivery Company is here to assist you with your trip. Our door-to-door delivery service ensures that your baggage will show up completely secure at your destination.

Ship Your Bags to Greece

The process of booking delivery with Luggage Delivery Company is amazingly straightforward, requiring just some personal data like your name, email address, and contact info. Planning a delivery will take no longer than a moment, and you can start by checking out our prices. Alongside being a basic process, you can likewise follow and get periodical reports on the situation about the status of your luggage from our professional support team. 

Studying in Greece

If you are planning on pursuing a degree at one of the universities in Greece, or just want to spend a semester there, the easiest way to ship all your belongings is with Luggage Delivery Company. Keep in mind that to study in Greece as a foreigner you will require a Visa that complies with your particular situation.

Shipping Athletic Gear

In the event that your reason for heading out to Greece is to practice any sort of sports, getting all your sporting goods safely and securely to your new home may be one of your top concerns, fortunately, Luggage Delivery Company is here to deal with everything.

Sporting goods that we often ship:

  • Surf boards
  • Bicycles
  • Golf clubs
  • Mountain climbing gear

Regardless of how durable or fragile your gear might be, you can be certain that we at Luggage Delivery Company will ensure that it shows up at its destination.

Sights To See In Greece 

Being a place so ancient, Greece is ripe with sights to see and places to visit. Begin your tour at the beautiful Athens, a flashback to Ancient Greece thanks to all their restored and preserved buildings. The Parthenon is the crowning jewel of Athens, a massive structure built to represent the magnificence of the Goddess of Wisdom and War, Pallas Athena.

Also, you can visit the beautiful Oracle of Delphi and take a tour of the beautiful island. A once sacred place where the high priestess Pythia, the most important oracle of the ancient world. She would be consulted on all the important matters and decisions and would draw inspiration from the Gods of the Olympus to answer.

Finally, you can partake in a tour through the beautiful island of Mykonos, a more modern jewel from this ancient land. A popular destination for many celebrities, Mykonos is also home to one of the International Airports of Greece.

Air Terminals in Greece 

While most of Greece can be accessed by boat thanks to its daily ferry boat travels, tourists need a way of arriving at the land of the Gods.

Greece’s main airports are the Thessaloniki Airport, really popular in the summertime, and the El Venizelos International Airport in Athens, the busiest and most important airport in all of Greece. Other airports include the ones in the islands of Santorini, Heraklion, Paros, and the aforementioned Mykonos, which have seen an increase in the number of tourists they receive each year.

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