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Why Ship Golf Clubs Before Travel?

Golf high seasons is an opportune time for airlines because of the high demand for travel and extra charges on golfing equipment luggage. Despite the availability of alternative methods such as shipping golf clubs through luggage delivery services, very few golfers bother to try them out. The general assumption is that shipping baggage to short or long-distance destinations is a costly affair. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. The experience of using luggage delivery services from the right provider will change how you travel forever. Below is a guide to help you understand golf equipment shipping services better.

For you, golf is a way to relax, see your friends, or maybe do some important business in a casual environment. To the airlines of the world, golf is simply another way to charge extra for baggage. Despite the availability of alternatives, like luggage delivery services, most golfers choose to skip golf on vacation or pay the airline’s fee. ‘Common wisdom’ tells these avid golfers that even short trips mean heavy prices to separately ship their clubs. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Using a luggage delivery service can take the hassle out of travelling with golf equipment. It will change the way you look at your short and long trips abroad. Below is a guide to understanding how easy and fast it is to ship your golf club equipment directly to your destination. Understanding our service better will help you decide to turn even a short business trip into a golfing holiday.

Luggage Delivery Services Vs Airlines

Again, ‘common wisdom’ says airlines should be the most reliable and cheapest way to transit luggage, but the opposite is true in most cases. Airlines have strict limits on all types of luggage they allow. Every kilo must be accounted for and every overweight or large bag charged a fee for the transfer. These limits are only the beginning of the headache. To even be charged the fees you must wait in line and follow long arduous procedures.

Everyone you know has a story about luggage being lost in transit by the airline. Airlines are specialists in getting you to your destination and your bags seem to be a bit of an afterthought to them. This is where a specialized luggage shipping company can, literally, save your holiday. A specialized luggage delivery service has many advantages over an airline. They can offer a lower price by pooling shipments from a larger customer base. They can also focus on the luggage and not worry about the passenger. This allows them to offer convenience services like pick up at your home before you fly. Since luggage is their focus, they are able to provide greater assurances that baggage delivery will be without damages or delays. It’s clear that the advantages of sending your luggage through a delivery service are both cost and convenience.

Always opt for a professional golf equipment carrier whose primary objective is the golf clubs’ safety and timely delivery. You obviously desire excellent handling of your prized golf equipment. Different golf clubs and accessories may not always fit into a box or bag and can easily be mishandled when in transit or when stored with other baggage. However, luggage delivery companies have practical ways to secure such equipment with trained personnel handling with care until they arrive at your desired destination. Shipping companies primarily exist to ensure you have the most relaxing time travelling by taking away the stress of handling luggage. It is also cost-effective to send additional baggage you will need in your golf vacation besides golfing equipment. This way, the check-in process at the airport becomes less complicated. Moving around and enjoying the sights and sounds when travelling also becomes much doable. After all, it is your vacation!

When shipping golf equipment with a luggage delivery service, it’s important to select a company that has experience and a track record of safe and on-time delivery. In many cases, your clubs aren’t just a piece of sporting equipment. They are a tool of business that must arrive on time and without damage. Luggage delivery services have highly trained professional personnel with practical experience handling your most important sporting equipment. Let them handle the stress so you can enjoy your time on the links. Not having your clubs with you at the airport is also an important positive. Remember lugging them through the terminal to wait in line? No more of that hassle. Check-in to your flight calmly and without the stress of ‘will my clubs arrive safely’ on your mind.

Tips for Packing your Clubs for Shipment

Even though luggage delivery services are extremely professional and careful with your clubs, it’s important to pack them properly before handing them off. Golf clubs are fragile and expensive and proper packing ensures the professional can deliver them safely. 

A suitable packing box is recommended for shipment. It should be single-walled cardboard rated to hold up to 22 pounds or more. If you are interested in extra protection or have a large number of clubs, a double-walled cardboard box rated for up to 66 pounds is a good option. Bubble wrap and packing peanuts can be used to ensure no clubs are scratched inside the box.

Booking Luggage Delivery Services

Luggage delivery services, in most cases, will deliver your items on time and safely. However, remote destinations may cause delays. It is recommended to arrange for a delivery time 2 to 3 days prior to your arrival at the destination. This is generally a sufficient amount of time for your items to arrive even if there are, in the rare case of, delays in shipment. Should there be a situation where your luggage did not arrive on time, the service would offer compensation to the customer. Services that specialize in the transfer of sporting equipment, like golf clubs, will provide additional services to the customer to ensure satisfaction and on-time delivery. You will be provided with real-time tracking options and have the ability to speak with the company throughout the shipment.

Services can be booked online very quickly. In some cases, the whole process takes less than a few minutes to arrange through our simple online system.

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