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We make shipping unaccompanied baggage as easy as can be.
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We all know how hectic travelling can be. An airport is a busy place, and it’s easy to waste precious hours of your time just trying to handle your baggage. But there’s a better way, a way that makes travelling so much more straightforward. Luggage Delivery Company is the best way to ship luggage and provides a premium delivery service for your unaccompanied baggage.

We pick up, ship, and deliver your unaccompanied baggage to your destination, right to the door of your hotel or anywhere else. Don’t worry about airline weight restrictions. Don’t worry about extra fees. Just book your luggage delivery online with Luggage Delivery Company, sit back, and relax.

The Best Method for Shipping Unaccompanied Baggage

20Kg Unaccompanied Luggage

For the most part, travellers have bags or suitcases that fall into the 20kg excess luggage class. This is right around the weight that a carry-on bag would be, but you’ll often have to pay extra fees to have it checked. Whether or not you can actually take a carry-on depends on many factors you can’t control, and it’s easy to go over the weight limit accidentally.

Instead of hoping you get to carry your bag onto the plane or having to wait for your bag at the luggage carousel afterwards, just book our unaccompanied baggage delivery. It’s quick and easy, and you can book online in under a minute. All we need to know for your luggage delivery is where we can pick them up and where to drop them off. Packing your luggage is the only part you need to play. Leave the rest to us.

Luggage Courier Service for Oversized Bags

Airfare is expensive enough. You don’t need additional fees once you show up for your flight. However, if your luggage is too heavy, too big, or even just oddly shaped, you might have to check your bag. This is an extra expense that you don’t need. Shipping unaccompanied baggage of 20kg or less is the most cost-effective way to handle your personal luggage, with no unexpected fees or charges.

Cost aside, handling your bags through the airline can lead to customs delays. When this happens, you just won’t receive your luggage when you arrive. With Luggage Delivery Company, you don’t have to worry about handling customs. Instead, we’ll make it easy to get your bags to you on time, every time. We know exactly what we’re doing and how to handle customs properly to prevent any problems.

3 Easy Steps to Shipping Your Bags

Just book our service, pack your bags, use our intuitive tracking, and relax as we bring your luggage to your door at your destination. You will also find that it is cheaper to ship your bags than to pay all the airlines fees for baggage.

The entire Luggage Delivery Company system is as straightforward as possible for our valued customers. It’s quite simple – all you need to do is:

  1. Book your luggage delivery
  2. Pack your unaccompanied baggage
  3. Wait for your baggage to arrive at your hotel or other drop-off location

On your end, that’s the whole thing. It’s just that easy. On our end, we pick up your 20kg excess luggage from your home, place of work, or any other pickup point. Then, we carefully process your unaccompanied baggage and delivery it to your destination. We bring it to your hotel or other drop-off location, and voila.

Through the whole process, you have access to our real-time tracking system. Always know where your bag is and at what point of the process it’s in now. This tracking gives our customers great peace of mind and lets them know just when their unaccompanied baggage will arrive.

Booking Your Luggage Delivery

Shipping unaccompanied baggage of 20kg is easy with our online booking system. You’ll get instant confirmation, and you can call our support line if there are any questions or concerns. It can take as little as just one minute, and it’s always convenient. Just let us know:

  • One-way or round trip
  • Pickup location
  • Drop-off location
  • Size, weight, and number of bags
  • Your contact details

And then, you pay online through our secure payment gateway and receive your confirmation and tracking information. It really is just that easy. For your 20kg excess luggage, Luggage Delivery Company is by far the easiest and most reliable solution.

Send Your Bags and Start Your Vacation Early

When you’re headed off for some rest and relaxation, the last thing you need is more work to do at the airport. Why lug around your 20kg excess luggage when you could have it delivered instead? Make travelling as relaxing as possible by simply boarding the plane with nothing but yourself in tow. Have your unaccompanied baggage come to you once you’ve arrived at your hotel, rather than having to carry it from airport to taxi to the hotel and then back again on the way home.

You don’t want any delays to starting your vacation, so don’t get caught waiting at the carousel. You could’ve been out of the airport and to your hotel by the time your bag comes around. The fastest and most convenient way to handle your personal luggage is shipping unaccompanied baggage of 20kg.

Luggage Delivery Company

At Luggage Delivery Company, we’re committed to giving our customers peace of mind. So we use the latest tracking systems and follow best practices for luggage handling. Our trained service operators handle your unaccompanied baggage with the utmost care to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Our luggage delivery service is perfect for the 20kg excess luggage that most travellers will have, but we can deliver unaccompanied baggage of all sizes. We handle packages in excess of 40kg, along with many abnormally shaped items. So whether you’re bringing a suitcase, backpack, golf clubs, or even a bike, we can safely deliver your luggage on time.

All of our deliveries carry our money-back guarantee that we’ll deliver your unaccompanied baggage on time. You’ll have friendly service and support every step of the way as we handle all aspects of your luggage delivery. Travelling can be easier than it’s ever been with unaccompanied baggage delivery from Luggage Delivery Company.

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