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Do you need to travel to Dubai? Are you relocating for a new job or just travelling to see the sites of Dubai and hit the shops. We can assist you with all of your luggage shipping needs. At Luggage Delivery Company you get a first-class bellboy service at a low and affordable cost.

Deliver Your Baggage to Dubai Affordably 

Dubai gets the most overnight tourists of any destination in the world. Stays are often very brief, with many business trips to what is quickly becoming a top consumer centre worldwide. We find that most travellers have luggage in the range of 20kg, and we can deliver that luggage to your destination reliably and affordably. There’s no need to pay extra fees at the airport, and still have to handle your luggage yourself, when you can ship it with us and save all that trouble. 

If you’re ready to enjoy the countless attractions – Dubai has to offer. You probably don’t want to spend one more minute in the airport than is absolutely necessary. With our service, you don’t have to. Skip over the luggage carousel altogether, just walk out the door and head to your hotel. Our handlers deliver your bags directly to your hotel or any other drop-off destination you choose. 

Booking Your Luggage Delviery

We keep things simple at Luggage Delivery Company by letting you book your baggage shipment anywhere in the world online. With just a few key details, we can give you confirmation that the arrangements are set. Are you having trouble with our booking system or any other questions? We have our dedicated support line for any customer concerns. From start to finish it could take less than a minute for you to book your delivery, you just need to tell us: 

If you know you’re travelling to Dubai, you can book your unaccompanied baggage delivery quickly and conveniently today. Our online booking system is straightforward and streamlined. You’ll only need a minute to complete your online booking. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We’d be happy to help. All we need to know for your luggage delivery is: 

  • Round trip or one-way 
  • Your luggage pickup address 
  • Your luggage drop-off address 
  • The quantity, size, and weight of your luggage 
  • Your contact details 

And that’s all the information we need from you. Just pay for your delivery through our online payment gateway and pack your bags. At the time of purchase, we give you a receipt with your tracking information, so you can always know where your 20kg excess luggage is. 

How We Ship Unaccompanied Baggage to Dubai 

We’ve spent years putting together an effective system for getting luggage to our customers on time, every time. Every shipment follows the same basic steps: 

  1. You book with us online 
  2. You pack your bags 
  3. We pick them up 
  4. We drop them off at your destination 

You can monitor your luggage’s progress yourself with our advanced tracking system. Every shipment comes with a tracking number that you can use to stay up to date on the whereabouts of your luggage at all times. This makes it easy for our customers always to know precisely when their luggage is about to arrive at their hotel or other drop-off location. 

Travel to Dubai See The Sites

Dubai has quickly become one of the world’s premier tourism destinations after its staggering metropolitan development starting just decades ago. Home to the tallest building globally and among the highest density of five-star hotels anywhere, it attracts millions of tourists every year.

If you are travelling for leisure or business, relocating or going to study. Luggage Delivery Company ships unaccompanied luggage worldwide, with a significant portion of our customers being travellers to Dubai. For business or pleasure, you can enjoy your trip much more when you trust all your luggage concerns to our reliable delivery service. 

What Luggage Can I Ship to Dubai? 

While many travellers use our services for 20kg excess baggage, we deliver a wide variety of different types of luggage. Bags, backpacks, suitcases, and more are all perfectly acceptable. We deliver luggage over 40kg. You can also use our services to deliver irregular luggage like golf clubs and bikes and even skis to visit Dubai’s multiple artificial indoor ski-hills. 

There are a few things that shouldn’t be included in your luggage, primarily for safety reasons. We can’t ship any luggage containing pressurized cans like hairspray or deodorant, flammable liquids of any sort, or alcohol.  

Don’t Leave Your Trip to Dubai Up to Chance 

Most trips to Dubai are going to be on the expensive side, so you don’t want unforeseen airport expenses adding up. It’s not uncommon for luggage intended as a carry-on to have to be checked instead. You could be a bit over the weight limit, have odd dimensions, or the airline can simply decide that you have to check your luggage. Booking your luggage delivery ahead of time means you know what you’re paying. 

The same goes for saving time just as much as it does for saving money. Customs delays are routine at airports. Who knows how long that will set you back? Don’t get stuck watching security agents dig through your bags for the better part of an hour. Just ship your luggage with us and let it come to you. 

Why Choose a Luggage Delivery Company?

Don’t let lugging your bags around the airport spoil your trip to Dubai. Get to the tourist attractions you’ve come to see faster by avoiding dealing with your bags at all at the airport. Our luggage delivery brings our customers the absolute highest level of convenience during any trip, while our tracking system also gives them peace of mind. 

If you want your luggage delivered to your hotel door instead of trying to lug it through the airport and into a taxi yourself, you can go with Luggage Delivery Company. Our unaccompanied baggage shipments are affordably priced and subject to our money-back guarantee. We’ll get your baggage to you on time, every time. For the most reliable luggage delivery out there, you can trust your trip to the experts at Luggage Delivery Company 

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