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Travelling with Ryanair on an upcoming flight? here’s all you need to know about Ryanair baggage allowance. For a competitive luggage delivery service we can give you the best price to fit your travel requirements.

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Luggage Delivery Company door-to-door delivery price compared to Ryanair

Hold luggage
up to 23 kg

  • France
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Spain


  • £59.99
  • £59.99
  • £59.99
  • £59.99
  • £59.99

Luggage Delivery
Company Price

  • £25.19
  • £30.25
  • £22.38
  • £22.38
  • £30.25
Ryanair Baggage Allowance

Baggage limitations when taking your luggage with you when flying with Ryanair. 

  • Hand Luggage One personal item – 40 x 25 x 20 cm – Free of charge
  • Checked Bag(s): max 20kg – Additional costs apply
  • Sports & Music Equipment: max 20kg and size restrictions apply- Additional costs apply

All checked luggage incur additional costs not included in ticket prices.

Getting Around Luggage Limitations When Flying With Ryanair

Travelling on budget airlines, like Ryanair, is often cheaper. However, finding low-cost tickets is the easy part. When it comes to actually travel there are almost always additional costs to adding luggage, sports equipment and overweight luggage to your travel plans. This is the point when your ‘low-cost’ trip’s costs start to rise. So make sure when booking your ticket at the best price; you also make sure your luggage is managed at the best price by the experts at the Luggage delivery company.

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Ryanair Free Baggage Allowance

Ryanair allows a small personal bag allowance for all ticket types. However, the bag must be no bigger than 40cm * 20cm * 25cm. and should fit on the space under the seat in front of you.

Priority & 2 Cabin Bags

Even if you upgrade to a priority ticket and get an extra cabin bag it still comes with restrictions so pay attention.

Allowance must not exceed:

  • 55cm * 40cm * 20cm
  • Weight cannot exceed 10Kg
  • It should fit into the overhead space above the seat

Currently, Ryanair offers a priority baggage service that costs up to £22 – and the fee is non-refundable. Be aware that you can incur additional costs if your bags do not meet the requirements or the priority option is sold out. If you are concerned about additional charges, you may consider sending your bags with a third-party luggage delivery service.

Ryanair Check-in Baggage

If you wish to have more space, you could purchase a 10Kg or 20Kg check-in allowance at the bag drop desk or boarding gate. Alternatively, you could book in advance but the costs are high.

The 10Kg allowance costs up to £35.99, depending on your travel route and date. However, booking at the boarding gate would cost you £45.99.

The airline allows you to book up to three 20Kg allowances on each individual flight. It is also possible to check-in sports and/or musical equipment. The 20Kg allowance costs up to £59.99 with final pricing dependent on the route and departure date. The size of the bag must not exceed 81cm *119cm *119cm. Exceeding the bag dimensions will result in  £11 per kilo surcharge. Oversized cabin bags come at a high price of up to £69.99 (the fee is subject to VAT on domestic flights along with government rates). These limits do not apply to mobility equipment.

Any last-minute purchase of check-in baggage allowance at the counter will be incredibly expensive. It is wise to plan your luggage delivery ahead of time to help cut costs.

Medical Equipment allowances

If you need to carry special medical equipment in the cabin, you must be sure to obtain a doctor’s letter and a waiver from the airline. If you suffer from a critical medical condition, a fit-to-fly form may be required by the Airline. It is best to contact the airline to obtain details on these forms.. While approval time of these forms vary from airline to airline, expect to make the arrangements at least  14 days before departure.

Note that the airlines do not provide electrical charging facilities for equipment such as Portable Oxygen Concentrators. Therefore, you should carry sufficient battery power for the whole flight.

Therapeutic Oxygen is provided by the airlines for patients in need. Note that the airline does not allow passengers to carry their equipment. Only a single patient needing the equipment is allowed per flight. It is also critical to request the kit on the booking day. The airline oxygen supplier works at the rate of 2 litres per minute, not exceeding 250 minutes. If you need supply for more than 250 minutes, the airline will not allow you to board. A fee per flight shall be charged on returning the medical clearance form for approval.

Ryanair Infants Allowance

Ryanair restricts children under 8 days old. All children under the age of two are required to be  in the company of someone 16-years of age or above. Ryanair also restricts the number of infants to one per adult.  You should include your infant during the booking process but infants are not assigned a seat; you will need to hold the child on your lap during flight. It is important to note that  no checked bag or cabin allowance is provided for infants held on laps.

You may carry a maximum of two baby items which may include car seats, pushchairs, travel cots, and booster seats. These items must weigh less than 5 Kg and fit within the dimensions of 45cm*35cm*20cm. Please note that these baby items are not counted as part of your cabin bag allowance.

A child seated in a separate seat is entitled to the standard cabin bag allowance.

Sports Equipment Allowance

Ryanair allows passengers to add a sporting equipment booking to their checked bag allowance. This allowance cannot exceed 20 Kg in weight. Bicycles are allowed up to a maximum of 30 Kg in weight and should be packed in a protective box. Electric bikes are not permitted on any flights. All sporting equipment allowances will incur additional costs to the passenger.

Musical Equipment Allowance

Musical equipment may be added to a checked bag allowance. Musical equipment may not exceed 20 Kg in weight. It is not permitted to carry a musical instrument as a carry on bag if it does not fit the cabin allowance. Ryanair suggests booking an additional seat if you wish to carry on larger musical equipment.

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