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Are you planning a trip to Australia, either short or long? Do you need to take excess luggage or ship your surf and diving equipment ahead of time? Or relocating. At Luggage Delivery Company we can take the hassle out of travelling and negotiating your way at the airport. 

Just pack your bags, arrange a pickup date and delivery location and you are good to go stress-free. When you are ready to return the process is reversed, arrange your pick up and the Luggage Delivery Company will deliver your luggage back to your home safely.

Shipping Student Baggage to Australia

Australia’s universities are recognized and respected worldwide. The Australian National University, University of Sydney, and Melbourne University are just a few of the outstanding institutions available to a student interested in studying here. Most students find Australia’s universities to be hubs of diversity as they attract international students from all across the globe.

Before you plan your trip make sure to secure your Student Visa. Check the minimum requirements before planning a learning trip to Australia. There is an array of tests you might have to undergo before acquiring your Australian Students Visa. Finally, you must obtain a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE), proving that your study intentions are genuine.

With so much paperwork to worry about, it is best to simplify your travel arrangements as much as possible. As a student, you will be in the country much longer than the typical tourist. Pay close attention to the amount of luggage allowed by your airline. Most students find it difficult to pack for such a long period with such limited baggage. This is where the convenience of having your luggage delivered directly to your institution comes in handy.

Australian Custom Information

When travelling to a remote destination like Australia, it is important to think about more than just the sites you’ll visit. At the end of a successful trip, you’ll probably have purchased many keepsakes and souvenirs. Returning with these gifts isn’t always the most simple process. With the long distances you might have to cover from point to point, it is overwhelming to consider how much you may have to carry both during your vacation and on the flights home.

Using Luggage Delivery Company to ship your precious items to and from your trip to Australia. Additionally, our company is well versed in the customs clearance processes. As professionals, we can take the hassle out of this, sometimes, gruelling process. Consider this option if you have larger or bulky items, sports equipment, or any unique items that may be flagged by the customs inspectors.

With Luggage Delivery Company the process of arranging the delivery of your bags is a one-minute online booking process. Just a few essential details such as destination, names, and contact details are needed to start the ball rolling. Next, choose your baggage category according to its dimensions and weight. Finally, confirm payment details and schedule a curbside pickup for the dates of your travel.

Let the Luggage Delivery Company handle all the hassles of moving your bulky luggage from spot to spot. You should be focused on enjoying all that Australia has to offer!

About Australia

Australia is more than just a continent or country. As one of the most remote places on Earth, it is a highly sought after tourist destination. Those who have the opportunity to visit this magical place often remark that Australia holds some of their most cherished memories of travel. Australia is a unique spot for tourism for many reasons but the diversity of natural sites and the wealth of modern culture mean it is a place for all types of travellers. One of Australia’s greatest resources is its wonderful and welcoming people. This can be seen in its many amazing services for tourists and locals alike.

While most view Australia as far away and expensive, it is in fact a very affordable country to travel and explore. This is especially true for those who take advantage of cost-saving travel services. Australia doesn’t have to be the type of vacation one ‘puts off’ until they have more funds. Good advanced planning makes Australia a viable travel destination even for those on a budget.

General Information and History

Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere, surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans, near Indonesia, New Zealand and Papa New Guinea. The continent is known for its natural beauty in places like the Great Barrier Reef, the Outback deserts, and unique animal species like a kangaroo, duck-billed platypus, and emu. Australia was discovered by explorer Captain James Cook in 1770. Colonisation began fairly quickly after the discovery and in 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip landed at Port Jackson. This small port would later grow into the city we know today as Sydney

By the middle of the nineteenth century, six individual colonies had been founded on the remote continent: New South Wales, Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and Queensland. In 1901, Australia gained independence but remained a member of the British Commonwealth. Australia’s major cities – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide – are coastal and home to many of Australia’s most famous man-made tourist sites such as the Sydney Opera House and the Great Ocean Road.

Nature in Australia

Australia is a very beautiful island, with a bit of something for everyone. The natural beauty of the landscape, the culture of its diverse people, and delicious food are all waiting to be explored.

Australia’s incredible biodiversity is an amazing resource for the locals and a sight to behold for visitors. The world’s largest coral reef system, the Great Barrier Reef, sprawls over a vast area of 133,000 square miles and supports more than 1,600 species. Whether you decide to venture to the reef by boat from above or to swim down alongside the fish, your visit to the Great Barrier Reef will be an unforgettable experience.

Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is one of Australia’s most recognisable natural landmarks. Located in Australia’s Northern Territory, the large red sandstone rises out of the Outback’s flat desert, towering almost 2,900 feet above the landscape. The site’s natural beauty is a part of its sacredness to the Aboriginals of the Outback.

Most of Australia’s land is arid desert and yet still has a wide range of diverse habitats. A large variety of plants and animals thrive in Australia due to its geographic isolation. In fact, Australia is home to the greatest number of reptile species in the world. Almost 95% of reptiles in Australia can only be found there! Despite the incredible diversity of reptiles, Australia will probably always be most famous for its marsupial species. Koalas, wombats, opossums, and of course Kangaroos. Be sure to visit Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane to see and learn more about the amazing wildlife of this continent.

Australian Culture

Australia is a country known for its fervent cultural expression. The people have incredible passion for sports, arts, theatre, music, and of course barbeque. It seems it’s almost impossible to have a dull day down under.  You will most likely find more than two barbeque pits in public areas such as parks. Just a tip, never walk into a barbeque empty-handed. 

Australia also boasts an incredibly high-spirited nightlife. The casinos, beaches, nightclubs, all-inclusive resorts, and many other cultural outlets attract some of the world top artists and performers. The liberalized legal environment gives residents and visitors the utmost freedom to express themselves.

Australia Weather

It’s important to remember that Australia is in the southern hemisphere. This means that the seasons are at opposite times to those in the northern hemisphere. While you may associate December with cold and winter, an Australian only thinks of sun and summer. While you enjoy a warm summer during the months of June to August the southern hemisphere is in the dead of winter. It is important to pack and plan your trip accordingly!

Australia’s average temperatures range from 26°C in summer to 16°C in winter. The sunshine in Australia can be a bit intense to those not used to it. Sydney alone enjoys an average of 340 sunny days per year! Hard to imagine if you come from the northern hemisphere, but in fact, Queensland has even been nicknamed the Sunshine State!

Make sure to plan ahead and bring any sporting gear with you on your trip. If you’re worried about the airline’s policy and baggage allowance on larger sports equipment, at Luggage Delivery Company has many viable solutions and budget-friendly delivery packages across Australia.

Sporting Holiday Ideas

If extreme sports is your thing, Australia is the destination for you! There are no ends to the activities available to the adrenaline junkie in your group. On the eastern coast, the surf is some of the best in the world. Don’t miss Sydney’s Bondi Beach or Byron Bay if you want to ride the waves. Maybe surfing is too extreme for you but you still want to see the beauty of the ocean. Try snorkelling or scuba diving at the Ningaloo reefs in Western Australia. If the ocean isn’t your thing, try a rafting trip through the rapids of the Franklin River in Tasmania or explore the Tully River in Queensland. Prefer drier activities? Try the incredible hiking and cycling trails all around the continent. An Australian vacation presents no end to the possible outdoor activities.

Tips for the Best Australian Vacations

Australia is an incredibly unique place for many reasons. Obviously, the sites, sounds, and tastes are what attract travellers to this wonderful land. Given that it is a continent by itself, it has numerous open spaces for recreation, natural attractions like wildlife, beaches, deserts, as well as highly urbanized cities such as Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne. It is also unique in that it is one of the most remote spots in the world. 

Like many travel destinations and holidays, planning before arrival is essential. However, the distances involved in travelling to Australia make this even more important. When planning a trip to Australia it’s important to actually lay down detailed plans. This allows you to maximize your time and see the things you really want to experience.

Shipping Luggage Ahead to your Holiday Destination

This planning should include how much you decided to take in your luggage. Remember that airlines are only reducing baggage allowances. Think carefully when planning this part of your trip. Hauling your luggage around a country the size of Australia can not only be a hassle but also wastes your precious time to see the sites! Consider pre-arranging your luggage’s movement by contracting us at Luggage Delivery Company in advance and having us transfer your bags for you.

Australia Airports

Like most modern countries, Australia has international airports in all of its major Cities. Remember, most of Australians live in the coastal regions, and the airports are located near the population centres

Sydney Airport is by far the busiest of Australia’s international Airports and also a bit unpopular for its longer check-in lines and difficult vehicle access to the terminal. The hassle of lugging your heavy bags around such a situation can be easily alleviated by choosing a luggage delivery service such as ours. Skip the lines at the airport and just hop the metro straight into the city. Let us make sure your luggage reaches your accommodations so you can enjoy the views. With one less thing to worry about, you can focus on what is really important on vacation: relaxation and sightseeing.

Our Top Australia Hotels

We asked our customers what their favourite hotels were in Australia and these were the most popular:

The Grace Hotel – Sydney
The Grace Hotel – Sydney
Hotel Grand Chancellor – Brisbane
Hotel Grand Chancellor – Brisbane
West Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton – Sydney
West Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton – Sydney
Radisson Hotel - Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne
Radisson Hotel – Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne
Hotel Grand Chancellor – Brisbane
Ovolo Laneways – Melbourne

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