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Student Travel to Spain

Old is gold! Some of the oldest universities found in Spain, such as the University of Salamanca, offer an extensive curriculum that attracts the best of the student crop locally and internationally. Nonetheless, other institutions like the University of Barcelona and the Pompeu Fabra also rank among the top global universities.

For an international student, you need to plan your learning trip to make it sustainable. This entails working with a budget and sticking to it religiously. It also means planning beforehand for travel essentials like health insurance and a Students Visa acquirable at Spanish embassies.

If you wish to apply for a bachelor’s degree course, you’ll need verification from your high school to prove that you meet the minimum requirements. Visit a Spanish embassy to acquire the Volante Accreditation, which will be your application ticket. But you also need to understand some basic Spanish, history or philosophy and an additional skill like arts and Music. Life is cheaper in Spain than in other developed European nations, but it depends on your residential city.

Part of planning for your learning trip to Spain is getting the luggage out of the way for you to move around better on the actual reporting date.

Travelling To Spain for Sports Vacation

Football is the most beloved of all Spanish sports. But there’s a sports surplus for any adventurous souls. Besides hockey, swimming, and cycling, you’ll find almost any sport in cities like Barcelona, where BMX, rollerblading, and skateboarding or scooters are common. But if you are quite the soccer enthusiast, then you might be lucky to play against international stars at random events in places like Costa Brava.

You’ll definitely want to try some activities such as gnarly or kite surfing, hiking, and skiing while visiting beautiful destinations like the Pyrenees. Alternatively, you can test your mettle by bungee jumping or paragliding in Costa Almería and Madrid. Ibiza dives and Costa del Sol canyoning are also worth trying.

Understandably, adventurous people develop an attachment to their sporting equipment. The good news is that getting sporting equipment to Spain is less complicated with the convenience offered by our luggage delivery services.

Avoid Delays and Baggage Costs at Spanish Airports

Tourism to Spain is growing each year. In fact, a record-breaking 82 million people travelled to Spain in 2017. With this volume of people comes additional strain on airport efficiency. Long and hectic queues can be expected at the check-in desks and luggage carousels in Spain’s major airports. The last thing you want to be doing is lugging around heavy bags. Use Luggage Delivery Company to make your journey to Spain as relaxing as enjoyable as possible.

Travelling to Spain on Buisiness?

If you have pressing matters to attend to upon your arrival, don’t let your luggage get in the way. When you use our door to door luggage delivery service, you specify when and where the luggage should be delivered, and we make sure it arrives before you do.

If you don’t have anyone to pick up your luggage, no need to worry most hotels and resorts will gladly store it for you until you arrive.

About Spain

Spain is a country seeping with cultural, architectural and geographic diversity. Situated on the Iberian Peninsula, Spain is one of Europe’s most cheaply and frequently visited countries. Spain has more than 5,000 miles of coastline and boasts the best beaches in the world. Blue Flag status has been awarded to 577 of Spain’s beaches, guaranteeing water quality. From the buzzing restaurants, bars and clubs of Ibiza and Majorca to the tranquillity of Asturias on the northern coast, Spain’s coastline offers something for everyone.

A country of culinary creativity – from sensational seafood to tasty tapas – food in Spain is a celebration of fresh flavours and local produce. With such a vast coastline it is no wonder paella – a dish of rice and seafood – is Spain’s most famous dish. Valencia is the home of paella. There’s nothing better than heading down to a beachside restaurant for lunch, enjoying the rice dish with a glass of Agua de Valencia – a strong local cava cocktail.


Spain is home to a wealth of exquisite art and architecture. Granada, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, is a unique city where medieval architecture and monumental churches go hand in hand with vibrant street life, graffiti and old-school tapas bars.

Barcelona is a hub of modernist architecture where the designs of Gaudí can be enjoyed across the city, from Park Güell to La Pedrera and Casa Batllo. His most renowned work, the Sagrada Familia, is the most visited monument in Spain, attracting 3 million visitors each year. Madrid’s artistic pedigree is second to none, with world-class galleries such as the Museo del Prado, Centro de Arte Reina Sofia and Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza showcasing the masterpieces of painters such as Picasso.

Luggage Delivery Company has built up a network of preferred suppliers and contacts we work with. So if you have any questions about how to make your trip more enjoyable or you’d like some help choosing which airline to fly with or where to stay, then our friendly customer service team will be happy to help with every aspect of your trip. If we don’t know the answer we know the best person to ask.

When you ship your luggage to Spain with Luggage Delivery Company we take care of all the paperwork for you in order to create a seamless experience for you. So whether you are planning a city break or a summer by the sea, contact Luggage Delivery Company to make sure your Spain trip is the best yet.

Spanish Customs Regulations 

The complexity of customs clearance processes can be distressing if you are transporting equipment across borders for the first time.

Such procedures are regularly updated in accordance with changing customs regulations and legal requirements to ensure that our customers are not delayed.

Shipping Special Equipment To Spain

Luggage Delivery Company specializes in handling more than the typical 20Kg suitcases. We go the extra mile to provide a broader list of accepted baggage than most airlines. We can send any of your, sporting equipment, music instruments, work accessories, so much more!

Spain is one of Europe’s sunniest nations, with temperatures up to 40 degrees in summer. In winter it can be cold, and in the Autumn and Spring, heavy downpours have been recorded. This makes it hard to know what to pack.

With a flexible and budget-friendly luggage handler who goes the extra mile to take care of all custom regulations for you, you can ship anything you want to Spain as long as it fits legal requirements. 

Accommodation and Tourist Information In Spain

Finding suitable accommodation in a popular tourist destination can be a difficult task. During peak seasons, it is more difficult for holidaymakers to find suitable spots that are within their budget.

Luggage delivery company is your dedicated travel help in Spain. We get our esteemed clients settled in expeditiously! This applies for top Spanish hotels like the Royal Passeig De Gracia – Barcelona, Hotel España Ramblas – Barcelona, ME Madrid Reina Victoria – Madrid, Hotel Miró – Bilbao, Corral Del Ray – Seville, Hotel Vincci Mercat – Valencia, Amàre Beach Hotel – Marbella and many others!

Spain Weather

Spain enjoys over 300 days of sunshine per year and is statistically Europe’s sunniest country. Visitors to Spain can expect a Mediterranean climate, characterised by hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters.

Our Top Spain Hotels

We asked our customers what their favourite hotels were in Spain and these were the most popular:

Royal Passeig De Gracia – Barcelona
Royal Passeig De Gracia – Barcelona
Hotel Vincci Mercat – Valencia
Hotel Vincci Mercat – Valencia
Hotel Miró – Bilbao
Hotel Miró – Bilbao
Hotel España Ramblas - Barcelona
Hotel España Ramblas – Barcelona
Hotel Fuerte Marbella – Marbella
Hotel Elfuerte Marbella – Marbella
Corral Del Ray – Seville
Corral Del Ray – Seville
ME Madrid Reina Victoria - Madrid
ME Madrid Reina Victoria – Madrid
Amàre Beach Hotel – Marbella
Amàre Beach Hotel – Marbella
Double Tree by Hilton - Madrid
Double Tree by Hilton – Madrid
Portixol Hotel – Majorca
Portixol Hotel – Majorca

Popular sites to visit in Spain

We asked our customers what their favourite hotels were in Spain and these were the most popular:

Sagrada Familia – Barcelona
Sagrada Familia – Barcelona
Guggenheim Museum – Bilbao
Guggenheim Museum – Bilbao
The Alhambra and Generalife Gardens – Granad
The Alhambra and Generalife Gardens – Granad
The Great Mosque of Cordoba – Cordoba.
The Great Mosque of Cordoba – Cordoba.
The Prado and Paseo del Artes – Madrid
The Prado and Paseo del Artes – Madrid
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