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Planning a trip to Italy? Looking forward to the amazing sights, lovely countryside and fantastic Italian cuisine? With all this planning, leave your luggage shipping needs to us!

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Quick Guide to Send Your Bags to Italy

Booking delivery with Luggage Delivery Company is extremely easy and straightforward, we only require some of your personal information like your name, email, and contact info:

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Italy’s Must-Sees

A trip to Italy can’t truly begin without a visit to the “City of Waters” Venice. A traditional Gondola trip throughout the flooded streets of Venice in the moonlight is just what you will need to inspire your poetic and romantic spirit. Next, the modern visage of an era long gone, the Roman Colosseum is one of the most well-known landmarks in all of Italy, and also one of the new seven wonders of the ancient world. Finally, a tour of the most scenic vineyards in the country, visiting “La Toscana” is the perfect way of wrapping up your journey. Tuscany wine-producing tradition dates back to the 8th century B.C and is the birthplace of Italy’s most famous wine, Chianti.

All You Need to Know About Italy’s Airports

Being one of the most visited countries in the world, it’s no surprise that Italy has an amazing number of airports at its disposal, with a staggering 77 international airports spread all over the region. The Leonardo DaVinci Fiumicino International Airport in Rome is one of the most important and busiest airports in the country, with over 30 million passengers arriving annually. The Malpensa International Airport in Milan takes spot number 2 with 18 million passengers each year.

Student International Luggage Delivery

With some of the best art colleges in the world in Italy, it’s no surprise that it’s such a popular place for aspiring artists to develop and hone their skills. If your goal is to pursue higher education in Itlay, you can rest assured that Luggage Delivery Company will help you with all the hassle of delivering everything you need to your new Alma Mater. Just worry about getting everything ready for you to grow, and we will take care of everything related to your luggage. Remember that students from the European Union or the EFTA only need a valid passport or EU ID to study in Italy, and can remain in the country for the duration of their studies without needing a Visa.

Sport Equipment Shipping to Italy

With many different landscapes and cultural standings, the opportunities for a relaxing match of many different sports are ripe for the taking. It’s easy to spend weekends practising winter sports like skiing and snowboarding in Milan, Turin, or Venice. You may also opt for trying water sports and activities such as scuba diving, sailing, and windsurfing. The beauty of Sicily waterscapes is world known and is one of the most popular choices for scuba diving in the country. Throughout all of these activities, remember that we at Luggage Delivery Company are ready to deliver your equipment needs anywhere, anytime in the country so you can enjoy these activities without the need to rent used equipment.

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