Travelling with a Physical Disability? Tips To Make Your Travel Easier

Traveling with Disabilities

In this day and age, travelling with a physical disability does not have to be a stressful experience. A bit of forward-thinking and planning will help make the experience more enjoyable.

As the world becomes more connected, the modern travel industry is making tremendous strides in improving everyone’s experience. There is increased recognition and acceptance of people with physical disabilities when travelling short or long distances. The hospitality industry is also waking up to the fact that people with limited mobility comprise a vital part of today’s market. Many governments are also beginning to enact laws to ensure that the social rights of people with special mobility needs are maintained and accommodated.

While all of the above is helping to improve the situation for many people with disabilities, it is always important for anyone travelling to plan their trip thoroughly. Advance planning and research will assist all travellers, disabled or not, in making their trip more enjoyable, less stressful, on budget, and, most importantly, safe. We’ve compiled a few pointers to help you plan your trip for maximum fun and relaxation.

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Getting to your destination with your luggage is always the bane of travelling.  This stress is amplified for those with physical disabilities. Once you’ve managed to physically get your bags to check-in, you still must deal with the airlines which can be a nightmare. Even if you do everything according to the Airline’s rules when packing, there are often extra fees and headaches. There are, however, strategies to get around such problems. One instrumental way is seeking our services at Luggage Delivery Company. Our dedicated staff will help with all of your luggage requirements by getting your luggage to your travel destination. Our services are accessible online and are very easy to get a quote. Our company offers a door-to-door luggage delivery service leaving you free of luggage at the airport. Unlike the airline’s, at luggage delivery company you to track your baggage online from any computer or mobile device. All this taken together allows anyone, not just those who are physically disabled, to enjoy less stress and more fun when travelling.    

Frequently Asked Questions about Traveling with Physical Disabilities

Can I travel in a wheelchair overseas?

Yes, travelling with a wheelchair should not be a problem. You will need to advise the airline in advance that you are travelling in a wheelchair, and once you arrive at the airport go to the airline service desk. It is recommended to travel with any important spare parts for the wheelchair in case of any damage while travelling.

Is it possible to travel with luggage like anyone else? 

Yes, travellers with disabilities may travel with luggage just like any other airline passenger. However, much like any other passenger, carrying luggage through the airport is a stressful experience. This can be extra hectic for those with physical disabilities. All this before you’ve even handed the bags to the airline, which in itself can be a stressful experience. Airline luggage restrictions can be difficult to navigate and may actually change from the time you’ve purchased your ticket. Many travellers, especially those with disabilities, choose to send luggage via our luggage delivery services to send bags with ease. This can be done ahead of your departure with some simple online booking and scheduling. Your luggage will be delivered to your destination whether it be a hotel, resort, family member, or even an Airbnb.

Should I take out Special Travel Insurance?

Travelling with a Physical Disability

Yes, good travel insurance is recommended for all travellers and those with physical disabilities more so. Travelling with a physical disability will require special care and equipment to address your immediate needs and it is important to protect your caregivers and important equipment.  Like most parts of travel, a bit of advanced planning will allow peace of mind. Contact an insurance agent and review your policy options with them. Be sure that any policy includes the level of coverage you need for your trip..

How can I travel safely abroad?

Ensure you follow the following precautions.

➔ Carry sufficient medication if you are on any

➔ Check if the destination has suitable terrain and the weather conditions

➔ Buy a piece of medical alert jewellery and ensure it states your medical condition in multiple languages

➔ Ascertain the routes you intend to use at the destination are safe

➔ If you use oxygen tanks or other large medical devices, check with the airline and your accommodations to make sure they can accommodate your needs

What to do if I feel discriminated against?

Despite the efforts to accommodate disabled people, there is always the possibility that you may face discrimination. Take a bit of time to research the laws of the locality where you will be travelling. Understanding what your basic personal rights are in a foreign place is important. Remember that each country, or even individual locality, may have different regulations. Advanced planning will help make things go more smoothly.

What happens if I get sick while on holiday?

A lot of things can happen while on holiday and the reality is, getting sick or injured can happen while trying to enjoy your vacation.. Medical care is usually accessible to travellers but it’s best to check, in advance of travelling, what your options are. Usually, you can easily find hospitals in most destinations. If you require specialized medical care it is important to check, in advance, that it is available at your destination. Double-check that your traveller’s insurance will be accepted by the local medical services as well.

What if my medical supplies run out?

Obviously, it is important to ensure that you have the correct amounts of supplies you will need when travelling. However, things can happen and it’s important to plan for these contingencies. Make physical copies of your prescription(s) and keep them with you while travelling. You may also wish to contact local pharmacies or hospitals at your destination to ensure supplies are available. Note that brand names of medication may change depending on the country. Keep in mind that advance planning is essential for these issues.

How do I find accommodation friendly to those with physical disabilities?

Searching for accommodation that has facilities for your disability is easier than ever. Many organisations which support those with disabilities have free guides on how to find accommodation suitable for disabled visitors. These guides are usually free and available online for convenience. Some of these guides will even include reviews from past customers and full-blown travel guides on the best places to visit while at your destination. Most larger hotel chains will have facilities available for those with physical disabilities including shower chairs, grab rails, electric beds, and other utilities.

As the modern world advances, all factors indicate that things will continue improving across major industries to ensure everyone’s inclusion in society. We can only hope that technology continues making life easier for all of us.

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