Breeze through the airport with only your hand luggage and let us take care of your ski equipment.
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Stop overpaying for your winter ski holiday. Take advantage of Luggage Delivery Company’s affordable ski and snowboard shipping service.

Planning a holiday is a stressful experience even in the best of situations. Planning a trip with several sets of skis or snowboards can quickly turn into a serious headache. In addition to being heavy, skis can quickly turn your airport experience into a nightmare. Moving ski equipment in a crowded airport is simply a challenging experience. Luckily, avoiding all of this frustration is very convenient and easy. Skip the airline’s difficult process and ship your ski equipment with the Luggage Delivery Company. Worry about the powder on the slopes and not about how to get your skis there. Luggage Delivery Company’s affordable and easy service will give you peace of mind knowing your skis will arrive directly to your hotel or ski resort.

Best Ski Equipment Shipping Services

Airline baggage fees can really blow through your budget quickly, especially if you aren’t aware of them in advance. Plan ahead and stretch your budget by contracting Luggage Delivery Company for your ski equipment transfer. Just go online and schedule the details of your pick up date and delivery destination. Instead of lugging your skis through the airport, be confident that they’re already on their way to the mountain. Arrive at your destination knowing you can maximize your time enjoying the skiing.

Frequently Asked Questions: Shipping Ski Equipment 

What is the most affordable way to ship ski equipment?

The most affordable way to ship your ski equipment to arrange for its transfer by contracting Luggage Delivery Company to handle the details. A professional shipping and delivery company can ensure you will enjoy a stress-free ski holiday. You avoid the airline’s excessive baggage rates and enjoy a well-coordinated luggage delivery system. Booking online is easy and guarantees that you will receive your luggage in perfect condition. Avoid the hassles of the airport baggage claim and head straight for the slopes. How do I ship my ski equipment? 

You can have your ski equipment sent to your final destination in two ways: the airline or a luggage delivery service. The more affordable option will generally be the luggage delivery service as all of the details are arranged in advance, including price. Once you’ve received a quote for transfer, you can plan the rest of your holiday with confidence. When working with an airline directly, there can often be hidden fees for extra weight. Airlines are also not specialized in the movement of such equipment and damage can occur because of this. Finally, the airline will not deliver your ski equipment to your hotel or ski resort, only to the airport. A luggage delivery service specializes in transferring your ski equipment directly to the slopes with no hassle.

How are rates calculated for shipping Ski Equipment? 

The rates are dependent on both size and weight. It is important to have accurate dimensions of the ski equipment and its overall weight. Upon collection, a laser scan will measure objects electronically. If your product is found to be significantly larger it may incur an additional fee. 

How do I pack my ski shipment?  

It is important to try and pack your ski equipment into the most compact packaging possible. This will minimize the chances of damage during transit. Ski gear should be packed in hard cases to ensure they won’t be scratched during transit. Insurance will typically only cover ski gear when properly packed in a hard case. If a freight-approved case is unavailable, pack the equipment in a soft-sided or hard shell carry case first then secure the shipment with a double-walled cardboard box. Hard packaging cases can be cheaply found at many online stores. The important thing to note is that the Luggage Delivery Company isn’t responsible for how you package your shipment. It’s your responsibility to pack the sports equipment appropriately and ours to ensure it arrives safely at the destination. 

Is an insurance cover necessary to ship ski equipment?

The answer is yes, it is important to have your shipment insured in all cases. Damages can occur and it is only fair you are reimbursed the full cost of the shipment if any losses occur. While most luggage delivery companies will carry their own insurance, making a claim to your own private insurance can often be faster. 

How should I label ski equipment before shipment?

Luggage delivery companies will provide you with specialized luggage labels as part of the logistics of the shipment. Once you’ve arranged the details of your delivery through the online system, you will have an option to print these labels to affix to the items. Make sure to include your own personal labels as well. It is also important to keep a copy of the specialized labels provided should you need the information in case of issues.

Is it possible to track my ski shipment online?

Like all luggage transfers using Luggage Delivery Company to send your luggage, you can certainly track your ski equipment through our online service. You can even choose to receive alerts upon arrival should you wish.

What happens if the ski luggage is delivered before I arrive?

Most hotels or ski resorts will be happy to assist a customer with a reservation by storing their ski equipment that arrives in advance. Contact your accommodation to ensure they offer this option.

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