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Enjoy a relaxing trip to London with Luggage Delivery Company

From Buckingham Palace to Brick Lane, there’s no shortage of things to see and do in London. Why waste time carrying your bags? They’re going to slow you down every step of the way, causing problems at the airport, in the taxi, and up into your hotel. Instead, you can walk right onto the plane completely unburdened when you rely on our door-to-door luggage delivery service. Let your luggage come to you instead of spending your vacation taking care of it.

And that’s just the simple stuff. Imagine how much time you will waste waiting at the baggage carousel. You could even have to go through a lengthy customs evaluation and have to pack all over again! Get right down to business by booking your 20kg  luggage delivery now.

Shipping unaccompanied baggage for your next trip to London will let you skip the baggage carousel and get to your destination in London quicker. Our unaccompanied baggage services are easy to book with instant access through our website. You just tell us when and where it’s going and leave it to our reliable handlers. All you’ll have to do to prepare for your vacation is pack!

Sending your bags to London with Luggage Delivery Company

Luggage to London

At Luggage Delivery Company, we’ve put together an efficient system for all of our customers to book their deliveries. We’ve cut it down to the bare basics to make it as fast and straightforward as possible.

To enjoy a lighter way to travel, you simply:

  1. Book your delivery online in under 90 seconds
  2. Pack your bags
  3. Let us bring them to you at your destination

As far as you’re concerned, that’s the end of your commitment. For us, we’re just getting started. Our experienced handlers pick up your luggage from wherever you’d like. We then ship your bags through to your destination. Finally, our handlers deliver it directly to your specified drop-off point.

From start to finish, you can keep an eye on your baggage thanks to our integrated tracking system. You’ll always be in the know about where your bags are and where they’re headed next. There’s no need to worry about a thing when you can have complete confidence in the location and shipping status of your valued luggage.

Student luggage shipping to and from London

Universities in the UK are recognized and respected worldwide. Oxford, Cambridge, and The London College of Arts are just a few of the outstanding institutions available to a student interested in studying here. Most students find the UK’s universities to be hubs of diversity as they attract international students from all across the globe.

Before you plan your trip make sure to secure your Student Visa. Check the minimum requirements before planning a learning trip to the UK. There is an array of tests you might have to undergo before acquiring your Students Visa.

With so much paperwork to worry about, it is best to simplify your travel arrangements as much as possible. As a student, you will be in the country much longer than the typical tourist. Pay close attention to the amount of luggage allowed by your airline. Most students find it difficult to pack for such a long period with such limited baggage. This is where the convenience of having your luggage delivered directly to your institution comes in handy. You can take as much as you want, not just what fits. You can even have luggage sent once you arrive if you realize you have forgotten some home comforts.

Book Your Delivery Online Now

We keep things simple at Luggage Delivery Company by letting you book your baggage shipment to London online. With just a few key details, we can give you confirmation that the arrangements are set. Our dedicated support line is available should you have any queries. From start to finish it could take less than a minute for you to book your delivery, you just need to tell us:

  • If your journey is one way or return
  • The collection and delivery addresses for your luggage
  • The number, size and weight of the bags you are sending
  • Your contact details

That’s all the information we need. We deal with all the necessary customs documentation, there are no lengthy forms to complete. Customers can then pay through our convenient, secure payment gateway and get their receipt. You’ll have access to our tracking system from that point on to keep an eye on your baggage.

Things to do in London

London is a hub for tourism and boasts so many tourist attractions including wonderful theater shows in the West End. You can find out more about what’s on here: London Theatres.

There is such rich history in the UK, people travel from all over the world to visit Buckingham Palace and learn about The Royal Family, visiting many historic landmarks such as The changing of the guard, London Tower and the houses of Parliament.

As well as its rich history, London is a hive of cultural entertainment, cuisine and attractions for every type of traveller.

For things to do and places to visit in London, check out the most comprehensive tourist website – Visit London.

From Covent Garden to Carnaby Street. The famous shopping strip along Oxford Road to the uber luxurious Bond Street, if shopping in London is your thing then these are the places you want to visit.

Family fun at ZSL London Zoo, the home of Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio tour to Platform 9 and 3 quarters near St Pancras Station. You will be sure to have action packed days filled with lots of learning and excitement.

For travellers into their food, make sure you check out Afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason, the food market at Harrods and Borough Market.

For those into architecture, be sure to visit the iconic Gercken, The Shard and many more. For top architectural places to visit, take a look at planning your attractions on Trip Advisor.

London is also one of the fastest links to Paris with the Eurostar. If you are thinking of booking a trip to Paris from London ensure you send your luggage ahead as space on trains is at a premium.

Shipping your luggage to London

This planning should include how much you decided to take in your luggage. Remember that airlines are only reducing baggage allowances and charging for any luggage stored in the overhead lockers. Think carefully when planning this part of your trip. Hauling your luggage around a country the size of the UK can not only be a hassle but also wastes your precious time to see the sites!

Consider pre-arranging your luggage’s movement by booking with us in advance and having us transfer your bags for you.

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