WiZZ Air Baggage Allowance


Do you have a Wizz flight coming up? Here’s everything you need to know about Wizz Air baggage allowance. For a competitive luggage delivery service, we can provide you with the best price to meet your travel needs.

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Luggage Delivery Company door-to-door delivery price compared to WiZZ Air

Hold luggage
up to 23 kg

  • France
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Spain

Wizz Air

  • £95.00
  • £95.00
  • £95.00
  • £95.00
  • £95.00

Luggage Delivery
Company Price

  • £25.19
  • £30.25
  • £22.38
  • £22.38
  • £30.25
Wizz Air Baggage Allowance

Wizz Air Luggage Allowance

All you need to know about baggage limitations when travelling on Wizz Air:

  • Carry-On Bag – 40 x 30 x 20 cm – Free of charge
  • Trolly Bag – 55 x 40 x 23 cm – Allowed on board, charges apply
  • Checked-In Bag – 149 x 119 x 117 cm – Charges apply

As long as is within the accepted dimensions there are few limits on the type of items that can be carried. Purses, backpacks, laptop bags, are all acceptable provided they fit under the seat. Liquids, aerosols, and gels may only be carried on board in containers no larger than 100 ml.

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Travel with No Baggage Limits

Airport baggage handlers have been known to occasionally treat luggage in a less than gentle manner. Checked luggage seems to go missing all the time when working with airlines. If you’re not carrying it on with you then you have no choice but to trust the airline will handle it for you. It might sound okay but, there’s a chance that your bag could end up in an entirely different place from you!

Travelling luggage is always an unpleasant dance of shifting hands, awkward wheels, and heavy items. There is another, more preferable option: a luggage delivery service. A modern Luggage Delivery Service provides door-to-door service. Your bags will be picked up at your home and arrive directly at your hotel. Worry less about making sure your luggage arrives and enjoy your travel.

Luggage shipping companies have become popular fast because of budget-friendly rates and convenience. Baggage is handled by professionals with the proper resources at their disposal to ensure safe and on-time delivery. Services are booked online, and once you schedule a pick-up date, the company handles the rest.

Tracking the delivery process online from your phone or laptop ensures peace of mind. The Luggage Delivery Company takes care of all customs and clearance issues for international luggage. Avoid the high rates charged at the airport and make your trip less stressful.

Infant Baggage

If you want your child to sit in his or her car seat during the flight, you must purchase a seat for them. Only rear-facing car seats are permitted. Foldable baby strollers or a small travel cot are free of charge but will be stored in the aircraft hold. Baby strollers can be carried up until the aircraft door or portable stairs but will then be stowed in the hold and on disembarking the aircraft will be sent to the baggage belts (subject to local regulations). Infants travelling on an adults lap do not receive hold baggage allowance.

Sports Equipment

Wizz air can transport sports equipment but there is an additional  ‘sports equipment fee’ that will be charged. You can carry equipment such as snowboards, skis, surf equipment, golf clubs, jumping poles, bicycles, and diving equipment. Antlers and trophies are allowed too, as long as you have valid certificates.

Ensure you secure your equipment with the relevant travel case. Wizz air does not provide packing cases, and if your luggage fails to meet the packing standards, it will be rejected. 

Medicine and Medical Equipment

It is recommended to pack essential medical supplies in your carry-on bag. If the medication is liquid, ensure you meet the standards mentioned above about liquids. For medication such as insulin, carry a letter from the doctor to show to the airport authorities.

Larger and more bulky medical essentials such as oxygen cylinders, crutches, and wheelchairs can be brought on your flight. Simply let the Wizz Air staff understand your condition at the time you book the flight.

Restricted Items

Wizz Air prohibits the carrying of corrosives, explosives and firearms. These items are considered harmful and dangerous for travelling. If you have such items in your carry-on or check-in baggage, it will be impossible to check in your luggage or be permitted to get on the plane.

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