Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance

Turkish Airlines

For anyone travelling with Turkish Airlines, knowing the latest restrictions and baggage fees can help prepare you for how to pack. if you need to bring additional bags the Turkish Airlines baggage allowance may not be enough for you.

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Luggage delivery companies offer worldwide luggage shipping for things like skis and snowboards, boxes of gifts that you don’t want poorly handled on your flight, golf bags, or luggage of any size. You know exactly how much you will pay based on a flat fee per item comment making it easy to figure out your extra luggage costs.

Turkish Airlines Cabin Allowance for Infants

Turkish Airlines allows you to bring one free checked bag for an infant up to 10 kg. If you are on an international flight you can bring one free checked bag up to 23 kg for your infant. If it is beyond this weight you will still be subject to an additional fee for the extra weight.

You can also check a stroller under the aeroplane free of charge.

Things like baby powder and baby wipes can be put in your carry-on or checked bags. If you have baby powder bigger than 12 oz or 350ml it will get screened separately.

Tip: If you have large amounts of baby powder, consider packing only what you need in your carry-on and the rest in your checked bag.

Turkish Airlines Prohibited items

Completely prohibited items include fireworks, hoverboards, liquid bleach, or liquid fuel. Other items must go on your checked bags such as:

  • Gel heating pads, gel candles or hair gel
  • Hand sanitzer
  • Lithium powered lighters
  • In addition, things like car batteries have to be under the plane separately while things like e-cigarettes have to be part of your carry on luggage.

Turkish Airlines Checked/Hold Baggage Allowance

How many bags you are allowed to check is based entirely on your destination and the type of flight.

Domestic flights for example allow you different sizes based on the type of ticket you have.

  • Promotional tickets have a limit of 15 kg or 33 lb for a checked bag.
  • Economy class tickets have a maximum of 20 kg or 44 lb for checked bags.
  • Business class tickets have a limit of 30 kg or 66 lb for checked bags.

For all of these the dimensional limits are the same: bags cannot exceed 158cm or 62 in total. Similarly, there is a maximum weight limit of 32 kg or 70 lb on any checked bags. Exceeding the limits for weight based on the type of ticket you have will incur an additional see and exceeding the maximum weight limit will result in the airline not shipping your item or charging you for cargo shipping.

International flights are divided between those which use a weight concept and those which use a piece concept, meaning those which charge based on the weight and those that charge based on the quantity for hold baggage.

International flights are also based on the type of ticket you have. For a weight concept flight:

  • Economy class tickets have one free checked bag with a maximum of 20 kg or 44 lb.
  • Business class tickets have a maximum of 30 kg or 66 lb per checked bag.

For a per piece flight:

  • Economy class tickets have 2 free checked bags with a maximum of 23 kg or 50 lb.
  • Business class tickets have 2 free bags with a maximum of 32 kg or 70 lb per checked bag.

Luggage Delivery Company your Turkish Airlines Baggage Alternative

Even if you are ready to pay the extra fees for your musical instruments, sports equipment, or additional checked bags, you may not be ready to drag them all through the airport. Travelling alone for a study abroad program, going overseas for a few months at a time, or visiting friends and family with lots of gifts means extra suitcases that you have to carry or roll through each airport and each connecting flight. A luggage delivery company will pick all of your bags up and deliver them exactly where you want for a flat fee so you can walk through the airport with nothing but your purse or backpack.

Turkish Airlines What if My Bag is Overweight

If your bag is overweight, Turkish Airlines will charge you an additional fee for every item that is over the weight limit. For domestic flights, the charge is 8 Turkish lira for every kilogram of your bag over the weight limit.

For example: If you have a bag that is 10 kg over the limit you will be charged 80 Turkish lire or 8 Euro.

For any international flight, the fee increases significantly based on the destination. Destinations are divided into four regions Each of which have increased fees. These fees range between 8 Euro and 32 Euro for every kilogram of your luggage exceeds in weight.

For example, if you have that same luggage from above Not only would you pay the 8 Euro for the domestic part of your flight within Turkey but you could pay an extra 15 Euro per kilogram or 150 Euro for the international part of your flight.

Be advised that there are certain routes where extra luggage increases based on the peace and not on the weight.

For example, a flight to Dubai would cost an additional $200 for the first extra bag, $250 for the second extra checked bag, and so on with a maximum potential number of 8 additional bags which would cost $750 in addition to the cost for the first 7 bags.

Turkish Airlines Excess Baggage Allowance for Sports Equipment

Turkish Airlines allows you to carry one set of snowboarding or ski equipment as long as it doesn’t weigh more than 23 kg. This comes free of charge. Anything beyond the first set however is subject to an additional checked baggage fee.

You are allowed to bring one set of golf clubs free of charge as long as it, as well, does not weigh more than 23 kilograms.

If you bring larger items like bicycles, you have to pay a special fee to check them in as hold luggage and you must make this reservation in advance.

Turkish Airlines Carry-On Baggage Allowance and Musical Instruments

Turkish Airlines allows you to bring one musical instrument on board as long as the dimensions are not bigger than 118 cm total, 140 x 42 x 25cm with a weight no more than 75 kg. Anything over this size will be considered a checked bag. If it exceeds the weight limits or dimension limits it will also be subject to overweight fees.

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