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Japan Airlines

Planning a Japan Airlines flight? Learn about the luggage restrictions, including the size and quantity of carry-on bags permitted. All the luggage information you’ll need for Japan Airlines you can find here, and how to avoid paying additional luggage charges.

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines Carry-On Bags

Japan airlines permits passengers to bring one carry-on bag and one personal items (handbag, camera, etc.) with the total weight of both bags not exceeding 10kg (22lbs).

Weight and size policy for carry-on baggage are as follows; 55 x 40 x 25 cm.

Passengers are required to check carry-on bags that fall into the following categories:

  • Any bag that exceeds the maximum total dimensions, including each linear dimension
  • Overweight or oversized items that you can’t place properly in the cabin
  • Additional costs may apply when exceeding carry-on bag limitations

Checked Luggage Allowance on Japan Airlines

Weight and Size policy for checked baggage

  • Premium economy and economy class are allowed two pieces of luggage, each weighing no more than 23 kg
  • First and business class are permitted to carry up to three pieces of checked luggage, each weighing no more than 32kg

Dimensions of checked luggage.

Each bag’s total length, breadth, and height shall not exceed 203 cm. Please note that if your baggage weighs more than the free allowance, they will inspect it and charge you for excess baggage. If the total weight of your checked luggage exceeds 100kg (limit of 32kg per item), you can pay an excess baggage fee to check them in. For JAL (SF3), JAC, and RAC aircraft, the total weight cannot exceed 45kg (limit of 32kg per item).

Excess Baggage on Japan Airline

Excess baggage charges (tax included) will apply if your luggage exceeds the baggage allowance of Japan Airlines, depending on your route:

  • The free checked baggage limit for that passenger’s travel class + 7 bags is the maximum allowed number of checked bags per person.
  • The maximum number of checked bags per person in First and Business Class is ten. There are nine bags for Premium Economy Class and Economy Class.
  • The total weight of your checked luggage must not exceed 45kg.
  • When two or more over baggage charges apply, passengers are liable for all excess luggage costs.
  • When paying in Canada, passengers must pay the CAD base amount; when paying outside of Canada or Japan, passengers must pay the USD base amount, adjusted to the local currency.

Lost Luggage on Japan Airlines

Baggage checked with Japan Airlines will be treated with care until it reaches its destination. However, for a variety of reasons, luggage might be damaged or delayed in reaching its destination. Any such issues that arise will be addressed by the airline.

Baggage that has been damaged

If something goes wrong with your luggage, the airline will take necessary measures in compliance with JAL’s International Conditions of Carriage. Within seven days after receiving your luggage, please notify JAL at the airport of arrival.

International Luggage Delivery Service

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Japan Airlines Prohibited Carry-On Items

For your safety and the safety of all passengers flying with Japan Airlines, see the list below for things that may not be allowed onboard or as checked baggage:

  • Items with sharp edges, such as scissors or knives
  • Lighters and matches
  • Liquids
  • Items with lithium batteries may be restricted based on the type of lithium
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