Emirates Baggage Allowance


When planning a trip it is essential to understand the baggage allowance policy of your chosen airline.

Emirates Baggage Allowance

Getting Around Luggage Limitations When Flying with Emirates

Emirates does not have a flat fee for additional or excess baggage. The charges will depend, both, on your destination and the type of ticket you have purchased. There is an online calculator to assist in understanding these costs. However, if you are looking to save money, this can be a frustrating way to do so. The prices will vary greatly depending on many different factors like weight, size, and number of items.

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Emirates Airline baggage allowance will depend on the type of ticket you purchase. Below is a brief breakdown of the differences in ticket types and baggage allowances:

  • First-class & Business Class: Allowed two pieces of carry-on baggage, an additional handbag or briefcase, and a cloth bag. The handbag should not exceed 55 x 38 x 20cm, and the briefcase should measure 45 x 35 x 20cm in size. The cloth bags should not exceed 20cm thick when folded. Each baggage must be less than 7 kgs in weight.
  • Economy Cass: Allowed one carry-on bag and an additional laptop bag or handbag. The handbag/laptop bag may not exceed 7kgs in weight and 55 x 38 x 20cm in size.

In general, Emirates is quite strict regarding the sizes of carry-on baggage. The carry-on baggage must fit in the overhead compartment or below the seat. Larger items must be checked. 

Emirates Check-in Luggage                                                     

Emirates Economy Class allows checked baggage up to 32kgs in weight. Business and First Class travellers, have a baggage allowance of 40kgs and 50kgs respectively

Unusual Luggage and Special Allowances

Customers with Disabilities

Emirates passengers with disabilities are allowed additional baggage allowances. These can include:

  • Fully collapsible wheelchair
  • Crutches or braces to aid walking
  • Service Dogs/Animals can be sent through with checked baggage but may not be in the cabin. 
  • Portable dialysis machines can be included in the checked baggage, not as a carry-on item. These devices can be checked for no additional charge. (On US routes, it is permitted to carry on a portable dialysis machine at no additional cost.)

Traveling with Infants

Infants are children who are below two years old. Emirates airlines offer different baggage allowances depending on your schedule.

All routes, apart from destinations in the Americas and flights originating from Africa, allow up to one carry-on bag for an infant. This carry-on may not exceed 55x38x20cm in dimension and no more than 5kg in weight. Infants are also allowed a checked baggage allowance of up to 10kg.

Routes that are to and from the Americas and/or originating in Africa, have similar carry on allowance afforded to infants. One carry-on bag of no more than  5kg in weight and 55x38x20cm in dimension. These flights do not include a checked baggage allowance. 

 Inquire with the check-in staff to determine if there is available space for strollers, car seats, or other bulky infant items.

Sports Equipment 

Emirates Airlines allows passengers to check sports equipment such as ski equipment, golf clubs, and bicycles. These items are part of the standard baggage allowance. If you intend to travel with a bicycle, contact the airline in advance for advice regarding special packaging rules. Sports items that are larger than 300 cm cannot be checked under any circumstances.

Traveling with Pets

In general, pets are not allowed in the passenger cabin. Emirates only allows pets to be treated as checked-in baggage or as cargo. Contact Emirates to confirm any required procedures needed to allow your pet’s travel. Without these procedures taken care of in advance, travellers may find delays or additional costs.

Musical Instruments

Emirates does not offer a special or additional baggage allowance for musical instruments. Musical instruments may be carried in the cabin provided they fit within the carry-on baggage requirements. Larger instruments must be checked and if they exceed the checked baggage allowance, additional fees will apply.

Prohibited Items 

Personal Motorized Vehicles

For safety reasons, personal vehicles such as self-balancing wheels, hoverboards, or mini-Segways are not allowed. Due to the large lithium batteries, these items are considered hazardous and cannot be carried on or checked under any circumstances. Explosive Items

Emirates Airlines prohibits all items containing explosives. This includes, but is not limited to, fireworks, bottle rockets, poppers, Christmas crackers, or firecrackers. These items are strictly prohibited and not allowed in any circumstances.

Extra Baggage Allowance

Emirates allows passengers to purchase additional baggage allowances. It can be more affordable to purchase additional allowances in advance of the trip online. Please note that more affordable does not mean inexpensive. Additional baggage allowances from the airline are quite expensive when considering there are alternative options like luggage delivery companies.

Extra baggage allowances start at 5kg and can go as high as 50kg depending on the space available. Prices are typically discounted online for up to 4 hours before the flight’s departure. 

Emirates Airlines is quite strict regarding its baggage policies. Not adhering to these policies can require additional costs. It’s best to try and plan ahead to know exactly how much baggage you plan to take. With all the myriad regulations from the airline, many travellers are choosing to skip this hassle in favour of a luggage delivery service.. Luggage Delivery Company offers round the clock customer support and a seamless online booking process that takes only a moment to complete.     

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