Cathay Pacific Baggage Allowance

Cathay Pacific
Cathay Pacific Baggage Allowance

Travelling can be stressful and exhausting, especially if you have a lot of luggage. After all the trouble of getting your bags to the airport, it can be a surprise to be asked to pay additional fees because your bags are overweight or you have too many of them.
Now you’re at the airport, excited to go on vacation, and thinking about how these extra charges will affect your plans at the destination. Travelling is a delicate dance of time and money, and your dancer has fallen off the beat. The unfortunate part is that at that point in your journey, you have little choice but to accept the airline’s fees and possible luggage delays.
This is exactly the type of situation that can be avoided by contacting a Luggage Shipping Company. These professional services will pick up your luggage at your door and transport it to your destination before you arrive. The best part about this convenience is that it is frequently less expensive than flying. Not carrying your bags through the airport is a close second. Avoid long baggage inspection lines by going directly to your gate and getting excited about your vacation.

Cathay Pacific Airline Carry-on Allowance

When travelling with Cathay Pacific Airline, the baggage allowance is determined by the class of tickets purchased. Economy and Premium Economy class passengers are allowed carry-on luggage not exceeding 7kg. Business-class travellers are afforded up to 10kg and First class passengers up to 15kg. All carry-on baggage, regardless of weight, cannot exceed maximum dimensions of 23 x 36 x 56cm. Passengers are also allowed one small personal item not exceeding 40x30x15cm. Carry-on baggage should fit below your seat or in the overhead bins. Items such as toy guns, knives, drills, and axes are not allowed. 

Cathay Pacific Airline Checked Baggage Allowance

Much like the carry-on allowance, Cathay Pacific checked baggage allowance is based on ticket class. Passengers in Economy, Premium Economy, and Business classes are allowed up to two checked bags with weight not exceeding 30kg, 35kg, and 40kgs, respectively. First classes passengers may have up to three bags of 50kg. Single bags should not exceed a weight of 32kg nor a total dimension of 203cm.  Cathay Pacific allows infants, without their own seat, a baggage allowance of up to two bags with a maximum weight of 10kg. Children are also allowed to have a collapsible stroller, car seat, and food items. 

Cathay Pacific Airline Extra Baggage Policy

Cathay Pacific’s baggage policy for excess baggage is determined by the route or zone in which you are flying. Additional baggage fees apply on certain routes when the number of pieces exceeds the limit, and on other routes when the weight limit is exceeded. While fees vary depending on location, charges range from $12 per kg to $60 per kg. To accommodate, a bag weighing more than the weight limit may be split into multiple bags. If it cannot be split, you must contact the airline ahead of time to make arrangements and confirm whether or not you will be able to check your luggage. Please keep in mind that oversized or extremely overweight baggage may be completely rejected by the airline. For these reasons, many travellers are turning to Luggage Delivery Companies to alleviate their stress. Unlike the airlines, these services offer door-to-door pick-up and delivery options.

Cathay Pacific Airline Sports Equipment Policy 

Cathay Pacific allows a wide range of sports equipment to be checked as long as the item meets the required measurements. Sports equipment is treated as checked baggage. Oversized equipment will incur additional fees. It is recommended that you notify the airline in advance of your flight to confirm the equipment will be allowed. 

If you wish to avoid surprises and additional fees, consider a Luggage Shipping Company to transfer your sports equipment to your destination. When working with one of these services, the process is much more simple.  All you have to do is pack your equipment and schedule a time for pick-up. Let the professional service handle the details and get your sports equipment to your final destination without headache or extra fees. ,

Cathay Pacific Airlines Musical Instrument Policy

Cathay Pacific allows musical instruments that fit the size requirements of carry-on luggage to be carried aboard your flight. Instruments exceeding the carry-on limits can be treated as checked luggage provided it does not exceed the maximum dimensions for checked luggage. There is also the option to purchase an additional seat for a musical instrument. In such cases, the instrument should not weigh more than 32kg and should not be larger than 136 x 48 x 44cm in size.

When considering travel abroad, the advantages of using a Luggage Delivery Company are many. An easy to use booking platform, low fees, and door-to-door shipping service are just a few of the reasons savvy travellers choose this method. You can also forget the hassle of carrying your heavy luggage through the airport terminals. It truly takes the stress out of travelling with luggage.. 

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