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Ship your luggage ahead of time to your college or university saving you time to study.
Studying Abroad
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We all know student budgets are tight and all the more so when studying abroad. Don’t let a limited budget stop you from bringing your possessions when you travel for your once in a lifetime experience.

Luggage Delivery Services vs Airlines

When discussing the price per kilo of luggage transferred, an airline simply cannot compete with a luggage delivery service. Most services will even offer a discounted rate for students. Starting at around £79 a student can arrange a bulk delivery of baggage within the United States. Transfers within the United Kingdom are even more inexpensive starting at around £16. Luggage delivery services allow larger bags and containers to be sent. These services offer baggage allowances of 30 kilograms per item versus the typical 20 kilos an airline will allow. Additionally, airlines limit the maximum number of bags and a luggage delivery service will not.

Moving from one university or one country to another is a stressful experience. The more so for students who are only moving temporarily. Students have enough to worry about without additional expenses and bureaucracy. Using a luggage delivery service allows students to relax when travelling and worry less about the expenses related to the move. Instead of carrying heavy luggage through airports you can relax and enjoy the excitement of travel. Door-to-door pick-up and delivery take the stress out of study abroad.

Luggage delivery services also offer additional conveniences that give a student peace of mind through the stresses of moving to study abroad. Real-time tracking online and confirmation of delivery are important in all travel, but more so when a student is shipping so much to a strange place. It sounds like a service that might be out of reach for you as a student, but you will be surprised by how convenient and affordable it can be.

Student Shipping

Ship your luggage ahead of time to your college or university saving you time to study.

Choose a Service and Get a quote

Choose a luggage delivery company that offers service to your destination. Next, use the online system to receive a quote for pricing and transfer time. It is important to plan ahead and know how many bags, approximate weights, and any oversized or awkward items like sports equipment.

Label your luggage

Once you’ve packed up your bags and arranged with your luggage delivery company, you will receive specialized collection labels. Print them out and affix them to your luggage per the instructions. This helps the company identify your bags upon collection and delivery.

Tracking And Delivery

Unlike the airlines, a good luggage delivery service will provide you with an option to track your bags to their destination. Online tracking is easy and convenient and notifications will let you know where your things are every step of the way. Once the luggage arrives at your destination you will be informed directly. This lets you collect it yourself or arrange for short term storage while you travel to your destination. 

Student Luggage Guidelines

Planning a move of any type is a complex dance and the more so when done over long distances and only temporarily. Students travelling for a term or two need their whole life packed and moved. While it’s ok to send your clothes, electronics, books, bedding, and even some kitchenware, there are some restrictions even when working with a luggage delivery service. Below is a shortlist to guide you on what not to pack.

  • Animal products
  • Liquids
  • Dangerous or Hazardous items (Including Weapons)
  • Medicines
  • Personal Documents (Passports or other IDs)
  • Plants
  • Perishable Food items
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