Shipping Musical Instruments

We specialize in shipping all types of musical instruments, from violins to entire drum sets.
Shipping Musical Instruments
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When it comes to travelling with an instrument, you’re best off shipping it with a luggage shipping company as opposed to flying with your instrument. This is where Luggage Delivery Company comes in. We specialize in shipping all musical instruments. Whether you need to ship a guitar, violin, or an entire drum set, we handle delicate musical instruments every day! Many travellers with valuable musical instruments use our shipping services for sending their most valuable items because of the frequent cases of lost luggage and damages with airlines. Our luggage courier service has state-of-the-art tools for safe transportation. In addition, you can keep track of your shipment at every stage, via our excellent tracking system.

Besides being more affordable than airlines, we work on a door-to-door delivery basis, meaning you don’t have to deliver luggage to our offices or organize pick-up at the destination point. At Luggage delivery company we give you the benefit of scheduling pick up and delivery according to your convenience.

You only need to select your collection address and destination country, choose item weight and enter all the relevant information to receive your quote and packing guidelines.

Flying is a nightmare to many musicians due to the rigid special equipment transportation processes involved. Hiring or buying new equipment at destinations is not a welcoming idea either. Luckily for you, we offer the best of both worlds! Fast shipping, to ensure that your musical instruments arrive by the correct date, and safe and secure handling, because we know just how much your instruments mean to you.

Packing your Equipment for Shipping

To avoid last-minute surprises, pack your instruments early enough. Assemble everything you might need, paying particular attention to small items such as guitar picks, which are easy to forget. Bear in mind that different musical instruments require different packaging techniques. for example, the way that you pack a flute will be very different to the way you need to pack a cello.

You could pack your equipment into a sizable bag, but we advise packing in shipping boxes for safety purposes. You might even want to double-box your musical instrument.

Here is a list of some of the packaging items you will need:

  • Boxes, they must be large enough to strore your musical instrument, bit not too big
  • Packing peanuts
  • Bubble wrap
  • High quality tape, special for packing
  • News paper that can be crumpled for padding inside the box

Some boxes have protective suspension cushioning to prevent damage. There are many other options for safe packing, but a basic biodegradable packing peanuts and bubble wraps setup is enough. Peanuts prevent the movement of items inside the box. Bubble wraps prevent scratching and collisions.

Here is a useful guide that will give you a breakdown of how to pack all types of musical instruments for shipping.

Musical instruments can be broken down into 3 main categories: String, Wind and Percussion. Below you will find instructions for how to pack each category:

Packing String Instruments

String instruments, i.e. guitars, cellos, and violins are more complicated to prepare for shipping. especially since some of them are rather large and cannot be taken apart, such as a harp or cello. therefore you will need to buy the right size box so that the instrument can be shipped safely.

Make sure to loosen the strings of your instrument before packing, the reason that we recommend doing this is to avoid any damage to the strings that can sometimes occur.

If your instrument has its own case, then once you place it into the case, add bunched up newspaper or tissue paper around the instrument for extra padding and then close the case.

Using packing tape, tape the case shut for added safety before placing the case into the box.

Pour packing peanuts into to box surrounding the case on all sides, for the least movement.

Lastly tape the box on all sides, so that it’s fully sealed and secure the shipping label to the box.

Your string instrument is now ready to be shipped!

How To Pack Wind Instruments

Wind instruments, such as flutes, clarinets or oboes are much easier to pack but still require careful packing so that as not to dent them.

If you are shipping your wind instrument in a case, make sure the latches are securely closed, and you may want to add a piece of tape for extra security.

If you do not have a case for your instrument, wrap it at least three times in bubble wrap. Do not wrap too tightly because you don’t want to compress the item, just a secure fit is enough. When wrapping in bubble wrap, make sure that you wrap the mouthpiece and bell of the instrument, so that nothing accidentally gets lodged inside the bell or body of the instrument.

Place your instrument inside the packing box (again, we recommend using a double-walled box), and fill it with bunched up newspaper or craft paper. it is not recommended to use packing peanuts for wind instruments.

Please seal the box with durable packing tape on all sides and secure the label to the box.

Shipping Percussion Instruments

This may seem tricky, considering that drum sets are rather large. But don’t worry, at Luggage Delivery Company, we handle all size packages and boxes, so let’s get started.

  • Remove the stands, legs and all other hardware, put aside
  • To prepare the bass drum: remove the drum hoops and head, wrap the bass drum hoops in bubble wrap or line with cardboard liner and slide them into the shell
  • To pack the drums: wrap the floor tom in bubble wrap three times, then add a layer of cardboard and tape securly.
  • Put bubble wrap and a layer of cardboard inside the box, on all sides
  • Next, place the drums into the box starting with the bass shell, place each smaller drum inside the next one.
  • Place the bass heads into a box and pour packing peanuts into empty spaces
  • For the snare drum, cover first with bubble wrap and a layer of cardboard, do the same to the intereour of the box, and place inside of box.
  • Cymbols should be packed seperatly, wrap each one in bubble wrap and place in the box with lots of extra padding
  • Now, for the harware and other items, wrape in bubble wrap and tape, and place them into boxes, add packing peanuts to these boxes as well, so that nothing can shift around

Make sure that you secure the shipping label to each of the boxes before pickup.

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