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Whether travelling to a competition or just for the enjoyment of an adventurous destination, having your bike with you makes the experience that much more personal. Ensuring your bike arrives safely for the ride doesn’t need to cost a fortune or require any miracles of logistics.  Luggage Delivery Company makes shipping your bicycle not only budget-friendly but also simple and hassle-free.

Regardless of whether you prefer a mountain trail or the open road when cycling, packing your bicycle with care for shipment ensures safe handling when in transit. Avid bikers prefer to consult with professionals with proven records of shipping large and fragile items like bicycles. At luggage delivery company we have experience in delivering bicycles in a timely, safe, and cost-effective manner. This saves you time, money and most importantly provides peace of mind. 

Choose The Right Container

A  Bicycle is not a regular bag to be checked and tossed into the hold of a plane. In addition to being delicate marvels of engineering, many riders have a sentimental connection to their bicycles. For such a valued item, careful packing is incredibly important. Furthermore, if your bike is damaged due to improper packing, neither the airlines nor baggage shipping companies will compensate you. It is important to understand that this means, the first and most crucial step of getting your bicycle safely to its destination is in your able hands.

There are two standard packing containers for bikes. The first, and cheapest option, would be a single-use cardboard container. Double-walled cardboard is recommended if choosing this type of container. It is also recommended to use a new container wherever possible. Used containers can often be weakened from use and may endanger your bicycle.

The second option would be a specialised hard-shell case. These cases are often recommended by courier services. Many will recommend a soft-shell case over a hard one. This advice is based on the relative cost of a soft-shell case hard-shell case. Hard-shell cases offer the most protection, with padded interiors and hard exterior, but are often quite expensive and unique to a specific bicycle type/brand. Only hard-shell cases are approved for cargo shipment and is an excellent option for bicycle shipment.

How to Pack Your Bike

To begin the packing process disassemble all the fragile and protruding parts of the bike to make the packing less cumbersome. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when disassembling your bicycle.  Once the seat, peddles, wheels and handlebars are removed the frame is almost ready for shipment.

The frame should be wrapped in protective material to prevent scratches and provide padding. Bubble paper or layers of plastic bags are good options for this but bubble paper will be the most protection. Leave the tires partially inflated to minimise the risk of damaging the rim. Also, leave the chain in place to protect the derailleur teeth from deformation.

Lastly, pack the parts into the container of your choice. Try to place the pieces like wheels, handlebars, and pedals fill up extra spaces in the container. This will help prevent movement during transit. Packing peanuts may be used to fill in any additional spaces in the container. After fitting everything inside, seal the container. Use tape to cover the top with several layers. This will help prevent the chances of opening during transit.

Shipping the Bicycle

Flying with a bicycle is just not a great idea, especially considering the stories we hear about baggage handling at airports. If your flight isn’t direct and requires a transfer, you may need to move a packed bicycle through more than one airport on your own. Airlines are also known for charging extremely high fees for large or awkward items like bicycles.

The Alternative is to hire a luggage delivery service. The Luggage Shipping Company provides high-quality luggage handling and specialised luggage delivery services that airlines simply cannot offer. With specialised professionals on the job, you can travel more relaxed knowing your bike is in safe hands. You will also have peace of mind knowing that luggage delivery services carry insurance to compensate you in the rare case of damage or loss.

Shipping any luggage with the Luggage Delivery Company is fast and easy through the online portal and bicycle shipment is no exception. Simply measure your items and fill out the online forms to receive a quote. Schedule your pick-up date and location and your delivery date and location. It really is that simple. Once the process begins you’ll wonder why you tried to travel without this before, especially when travelling with a bicycle. When you arrive at your destination, your bike box will be waiting for you.

Choose Accommodation that can Receive your Luggage

Hotels and most tourist resorts are always willing to receive and store luggage for their customers especially those who reserve in advance. It is advisable to contact your accommodation in advance to understand their specific policy on holding luggage. Generally, there is no charge for these services from the hotel.

Do not let the fear of damage to your bike during transit or the stress of handling such baggage deter you from planning an adventurous cycling trip to a foreign land. No matter how much you cherish your bicycle, all these efforts would only be a burden if you cannot have fun with it. Don’t take any chances and make sure your trip is about exploring new places with your favourite bicycle makes you feel safer and confident in unexplored biking trails.

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