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Are you planning a vacation or relocating to Canada? Do you want to study in the country of the maple leaf? Or do you have friends and family that you want to visit? No matter the reason, Luggage Delivery Company is here to help you enjoy your time in this beautiful country without worrying about carrying your luggage around. Our safe and secure door-to-door services guarantee that your luggage will arrive safe and sound at your destination. Now, let’s talk about shipping your excess luggage to Canada.

Luggage Delivery To Canada

Easy Delivery Booking to Canada

The process of booking delivery is extremely simple, requiring only some personal information like your name, email address, and contact information. Scheduling a delivery should take no longer than a minute, and you can begin by visiting our Get A Price section. Along with being a simple process, you will also be able to track and receive periodical updates on the status of your delivery from our amazing support team.

Student Shipping to Canada

If you’re looking to study at one of the best universities Canada has to offer, look no further than Luggage Delivery Company for bringing everything you’ll need to your new home on campus. Remember that to study in Canada as a foreign student you will need both a student permit and a Visa. Also, if the responsibility of sustaining yourself falls entirely on you, your student permit will need special permission to work outside of the campus.

Sports Equipment Shipping

If your reason for travelling to Canada is to practice any kind of sport, you must be worried about the safety and security of your equipment, luckily Luggage Delivery Company is here to take care of everything. No matter how big or small, sturdy or delicate your equipment may be, you can be completely sure that we at Luggage Delivery Company will make sure that it arrives at its destination as good as the day you packaged it. Canada is a place filled with opportunities for casual and professional sport practice, such as ice hockey, lacrosse, baseball or skiing, and here at Luggage Delivery Company, we want to make sure that everything you need for all these activities is with you when you need it, how you need it.

Canada: The Great White North

Almost 10 million square kilometres of land make Canada the second-largest country in the world. As such, is no wonder that this land is filled with beautiful and unforgettable landscapes, and some of the nicest population in the world. Standing at the sixteen spots in Human Development System, and boasting the tenth-largest economy in the world, Canada is truly the land of opportunities for personal, professional, and economic growth. Formed in 1867 as a federal dominion of four provinces, Canada’s continued evolution and development have been one the largest of the twenty-first century. Finally, a trip to Canada can’t be considered a success without visiting the globally famous Niagara Falls in the province of Ontario. Take the advice of the experts at Luggage Delivery Company and don’t miss out on all the opportunities the country has to offer.

Best Tourist Spots In Canada

After asking our customers which places and attractions in Canada they loved the most, the number one spot was taken rather obviously by Niagara Falls, yet this is far from the only attraction they mentioned. Many customers mentioned the beauty of Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains, citing the natural imagery as inspiring, the crowning jewel of the landscape being Lake Louise, a green-coloured lake located at the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Finally, for those of you that wish for the opportunity of experiencing winter sports, Whistler is the mandatory destination. Mainly a ski resort during the winter, Whistler has also become a popular tourist spot for summer activities, with mountain biking and golf being the preferred activities. World-class hotels, dining, skiing, and beautiful mountain scenery, what else do we need?

Airports in Canada

Canada is home to four international airports, namely Thunder Bay International, Toronto Pearson, London International, and Ottawa International, all extremely busy. Air Canada is the national airline find out more about their baggage restriction or let us at Luggage Delivery Company take care of all the luggage needs you won’t have to worry about the hassle and stress of lengthy check-in queues and or long waiting times after a long and tiring flight. Let Luggage Delivery Company make your journey as swift and easy as possible, we will take care of everything related to check-in, retrieval and delivery.

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