The Most Romantic Tourist Destinations World-Wide

There are unique factors that make a tourist destination dreamy and romantic. This guide will point you to the most romantic destinations in the world.

A romantic getaway, to a breathtaking destination, is the ultimate travel experience for any couple to aspire for. Planning a romantic holiday with a loved one is a liberating experience that lets you unwind from your daily routines. It is also a fantastic idea for couples to reignite the spark in their love life.

The world is a wide, wonderful, and varied place with so many fascinating destinations that will leave you and your loved one enchanted. Romantic vacations range from the beautiful history of medieval Europe to picturesque island getaways like Hawaii and Croatia. We’ve offered our top choices for a once-in-a-lifetime romantic getaway.

Let the journey begin!

Paris – City of Lights

If you’re looking for romance and culture, there is no better place than Paris.  An autumn tour of this to a culture-rich destination will fill you with wonder and romance. Paris is a historically rich city that has managed to preserve its authentic culture while still moving forward as a modern city. The air in the city has a magical charming effect on many visitors.

The French language wafts through the streets along with the pleasant aroma of Paris’ wonderful cusine. Visitors are mesmerised by light shows of the Eiffel tower and the distinctly Parisian the ambience that fills the streets at night. Even just a stroll by the Seine River’s  tranquillity is a simple way to get to know this romantic hub of the world.

See where the Can-Can was born as you dine at the world famous Moulin Rouge cabaret.

Forget the hustle of traffic and motor vehicles by taking a bike ride around the city and the countryside. It is also the best way to enjoy French perfume fragrances that fill the atmosphere.

Bruges By The Sea

If you and your partner enjoy history and want a romantic destination that allows you to stop and smell the roses, then Bruges (Brussels) is the place for you. The cobblestones of the ancient streets will remind you of simpler times and the grand architecture will simply impress. Bruges medieval roots and history means it is full of incredible art and stories.

If you don’t like larger crowds, we advise visiting Bruges during the autumn. The summer months are often bustling with tourists, while the fall allows the surroundings to feel more natural and local. Be sure to wander around the city and linger in the many plazas. Don’t miss the UNESCO heritage site Minnewaterpark or Lake of Love as it is known in English. This beautiful park exemplifies why Bruges is a city of romance.

Santorini – Aegean Jewel

This Greek isle, situated in the southern Aegean sea, has that rare combination of history, romance, and the sea that create the magic that is Santorini. The island’s history dates back to the ancient Minoans and the tragedy that volcanic eruptions brought to this area. The blue sea contrasted with the volcanic stone makes for breathtaking views.

Just as the sun rises or sets is the best time to see the beautiful colors of the island. The late evening sun radiates perfectly over the Aegean swirling oranges, yellows, and pinks into a symphony of color. The romance in the air is palpable to all who visit here.

The many towns and villages of Santorini are all inviting and hospitable to tourists. Don’t miss the dreamy village of Oai. The blue accented white architecture gives the town a unique feel. The town’s character has been painstakingly preserved to keep its charm for tourists and locals alike.

Whether a honeymoon or just a romantic getaway, there’s no better island than Santorini.

Venice – City of Canals

No list of romantic destinations would be complete without mentioning this famous Italian city. This city of canals has been a destination for romance for as long as anyone can remember. Romantic gondola cruises down the canals with a backdrop of beautiful renaissance architecture make Venice the place for love.

The architecture and physical presence of the city are unlike any on earth. Don’t forget to visit St. Mark’s square and stroll along the open air market and certainly climb the bell tower at San Giorgio Maggiore Basilica for a breathtaking panoramic view of the city. If souvenirs or gifts for friends are in order, make sure to see the Murano region. The glass-blowing tradition there dates back to the times of the Byzantines. Venice is truly a city with a bit of everything one could want on a romantic vacation.

Maui –  Hawaii’s Isle of Valleys

When thinking of romantic island getaways, Hawaii is often the template or standard against which all other destinations are measured. Among the islands of this paradise, Maui stands out as a truly romantic destination. There are activities and sites for couples of all types.

Hike into the clouds as you explore the Waihee ridge trail to see Maui’s nature up close. Swim in the seven sacred pools at the Halekala National Park. Waterfalls abound throughout the island but don’t miss the Pipiwai Trail to see the most beautiful one: the 400 foot The prize: 400 foot tall Waimoku Falls.

Stay as close to Kihei city for its central location. You wouldn’t want to miss out by being too far away. Be sure to set your alarm for exactly 4am if you want to be one of the few who see the sunrise from the to pof Halekala Volcano. Maui is truly a place to forget about all your cares and simply be with your partner in a paradise!

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