Virgin Australia Baggage Allowance

Virgin Australia

Looking to book flights with Virgin Australia? Have a look at this guide to find out everything you need to know about Virgin Australia’s baggage allowance policy.

Virgin Australia Baggage Allowance

Virgin Australia Carry-On Baggage Allowance

The carry-on allowance on Virgin Australia is different based on the type of ticket booked.

  • Economy and Economy X customers can bring on board either 1 standard size bag weighing up to 7kg + 1 personal item OR 2 small bags weighing in total 7kg + 1 personal item OR 1 standard size bag and 1 suit bag weighing in total 7kg + 1 personal item.
  • Business Class, Velocity Gold and Platinum members can bring on board either 1 standard size bag weighing up to 7kg + 1 personal item OR 2 small bags each weighing 7kg + 1 personal item OR 1 standard size bag and 1 suit bag each weighing 7kg + 1 personal item.

Personal Items Include:

  • A laptop computer, handbag, pocketbook, or purse (of reasonable size).
  • An overcoat, wrap, or blanket.
  • Binoculars or a tiny camera
  • A sufficient quantity of reading (books, magazines, newspapers, etc.).
  • If the passenger is reliant on crutches or prosthetic devices for movement.

Permitted carry-on baggage

The size and weight limitations do not apply to crutches, wheelchairs, or other medical aids.

Passengers can bring a small musical instrument on board as carry-on luggage if the instrument’s dimensions do not exceed 85cm x 34cm x 23cm (total linear dimensions 142 cm). A cello or a guitar are the only objects that can take a seat. Passengers travelling with a cello or guitar should reserve a seat in advance.

Excess carry-on baggage

Carry-on luggage that exceeds weight or size limits may endanger the crew and passengers, so it is not permitted in the cabin. Passengers with overweight or oversized cabin baggage will have their belongings checked into the aircraft hold and explicitly tagged. You may have to pay a fee for checked baggage at the airport. The passenger will pick up these bags at the baggage carousel in the arrivals hall when they arrive.

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Virgin Australia Checked-In Baggage Allowance

Size and Weight Limits

When preparing for your flight, make sure before you pack that your suitcases are within the checked bag dimensions limit, (length + width + height) which is 140cm.

For all economy tickets and purchased luggage, bags exceeding 23kg will be charged overweight fees. Keep in mind that no single item can weigh more than 32kg. Baggage weighing more than this must be transported as freight.

If you are travelling on a domestic or a short-haul flight your baggage allowance is as follows:

LiteChoiceFlexBusinessVirgin Australia
Reward Seat
Number of checked
bags allowed
Not included1 x 23kg 1 x 23kg 2 x 32kg 1 x 23kg

Other ticket types baggage allowance is as follows:

Fare TypeRedSilverGoldPlatinum
Litebags not included bags not included bags not included bags not included
Choice, Flex /
Economy Reward
1 x 23kg2 x 23kg 2 x 23kg 3 x 23kg
Business /
Business Reward
2 x 32kg 2 x 32kg 2 x 32kg 3 x 32kg

The overall linear size of each item (length + breadth + height) for long-distance flights should not exceed 158 cm (62 in).

Passengers on Virgin Australia’s domestic and international flights can pre-purchase an allowance online or via the airline’s Contact Centre, where a service fee may apply up to check-in on certain flights. Passengers who pay for extra luggage during check-in at the airport will be charged a higher price. In addition to any included luggage allowance, passengers can pre-purchase up to two pieces of baggage.

Excess Checked Baggage Allowance

Before checking in, passengers should purchase an additional luggage allowance. Any items that exceed the pre-purchased or included baggage limitations will be charged at the airport. Each piece of luggage is charged a fee for every one-way travel, including official connecting flights. Passengers flying with extra luggage on a Virgin Australia advertised ticket will be charged according to Virgin Australia excess baggage fees when they arrive at the airport.

Take note of the following concerning excess baggage allowance

  • On Virgin Australia flights, passengers may check up to 9 pieces of luggage in total, two of which can be pre-purchased, and some destinations may have additional baggage limitations depending on the aircraft type or carrier.
  • Excess baggage is accepted on a space-available basis by the airline, which means that if you can’t carry it on the same trip, it will be transported on the next flight with enough load capacity.
  • On a first-come, first-served basis, extra, oversized, or overweight luggage is permitted.

Baggage Service

Virgin Australia will give a 10-character file reference number to passengers who have completed a delayed luggage report. They should keep this number on hand if they need to file a claim or inquire about their luggage. Passengers can use the WorldTracer baggage tracking system to follow the status of their delayed baggage. Virgin Australia will contact passengers when the baggage is found and send the luggage to the address provided when you file the complaint. Before leaving the airport, passengers should report any damage to their luggage to the Baggage Services office. Passengers who cannot complain of damaged luggage at the airport should refer to the applicable reporting deadlines. Keep in mind that Virgin Australia’s responsibility for lost or damaged baggage is limited.

Best Alternative for Virgin Australia Baggage

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