United Baggage Allowance


If you’re travelling with United Airlines, stay abreast of any baggage limits you might face, and figure out the fees that go with it.

United Baggage Allowance

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United Airlines Cabin Allowance for Infants

Formula, juice, and breast milk are allowed in small quantities. You do not have to travel with your infant in order to bring breast milk with your carry-on. Adults can also bring a diaper bag and a child seat for their infant but they don’t allow any luggage allowances for infants who don’t have tickets so extra bags will count toward the luggage you bring under your name with your adult ticket.

United Airlines Prohibited items

Completely prohibited items include hoverboards, fireworks or sparklers, fire extinguishers, chlorine, or liquid bleach. E-cigarettes and vaping devices must go in your carry-on.

Things like multi-tools, nail guns or drills must go in your checked bag and never your carry-on. Large amounts of any type of liquid or any item with gel in it such as hair gel or gel candles must also go in your checked bag.

United Airlines Checked/Hold Baggage Allowance

The amount of checked bags you are allowed is based entirely on the type of ticket you have. People who have the economy or basic economy ticket are allowed to check bags that measure no more than 62 in or 158cm and weigh no more than 50 lb or 23 kg.

Exceptions are made for first-class and business class as well as active duty US military who can carry bags up to 70 lb in weight. US military on active duty orders are allowed to bring luggage up to 115 inches or 292 cm in total.

The cost of your checked bag limits is based on your destination.

  • For example, on a US domestic flight, passengers with an economy ticket will have to pay $30 for the first bag of a check and $40 for the second bag they check.
  • Passengers with an economy fare ticket for an international flight to Europe are allowed one free bag but if they check a second bag it costs $100.
  • Specific routes like Dubai or Rio de Janeiro to the u.s. allow for two free checked bags.

Luggage Delivery Company your United Airlines Baggage Alternative

Rather than contend with the list of prohibited items and the severe restrictions for checked bags because of the type of ticket you purchased, you can use a luggage delivery company. Luggage delivery companies are a great baggage alternative because they not only charge a flat fee regardless of the type of ticket you have, but they pick your items up directly from your home or your hotel and deliver them where you need.

United Airlines Excess Baggage Additional Payments

Excess baggage will subject you to additional payments. This varies based on your destination and your ticket.
For example:

  • Excess bags beyond what your ticket allows incur fees. If you are travelling on an economy fare ticket between Britain and the United States, any additional bag beyond what is allowed by your ticket will cost you $200. Someone travelling with an economy fare ticket between New York and Chicago will pay an extra $150 for each additional bag.
  • Overweight bags between 51 and 70 lb or 24 and 32 kilograms will cost you an extra $200 per bag, for any international flights but domestic flights within the United States will still cost $100 per extra bag.
  • Oversized bags that go beyond the limits of 63 into 115 inches, or between 160 and 292 CM will also be charged an extra $200 per back. The price is the same for an oversized bag no matter the destination.

Note: It is important to note that United Airlines stipulates that they can charge up to three penalties for one bag including a penalty for bringing more bags than your ticket allows, a penalty for bringing a bag that is overweight, and a penalty for bringing a bag that is oversized. This means if you have an economy fare ticket, you could be paying $200 for bringing in an additional bag, an extra $200 for that same bag if it weighs more than 51 lb, and an additional $200 for that same bag if it is beyond the size limits.

United Airlines Excess Baggage Allowance for Sports Equipment

United Airlines allows you to bring sporting equipment but each item is considered a checked bag as long as it’s within the size limitations and weight limitations for regular checked bags. Any sporting equipment that is oversized or overweight will be subject to the same overweight and oversized fees: $200 per extra bag on average.

United Airlines Carry-On Baggage Allowance and Musical Instruments

United Airlines stipulates that any musical instruments can be carried onto the plane along with your personal item if you are able to store them directly under the seat in front of you without them becoming a tripping hazard, or show them in the overhead locker.

However, this is contingent upon the type of ticket you have. For example, if you are travelling with the basic economy fare or the cheapest ticket they offer, your musical instrument will be considered your personal item.

Also, if you bring an instrument that you can’t store in the overhead locker or directly under your seat, like a hardshell case for a guitar, a large violin, or they’re just simply isn’t room in any bins once you get on board, then United Airlines will insist that you checked the musical item and they will charge you a $25 handling fee.

Oversized musical instruments that are bigger than measurements between 63 in and 115 in dimensions or way over 60 lb will be subject to excess baggage fees.

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