TUI Baggage Allowance

TUI Airlines

If you are planning on travelling with TUI? Find out all there is to know about their baggage allowance and fees. No need to restrict your luggage when travelling to your holiday destination.

Tui Baggage Allowance

TUI Checked/Hold Baggage Allowance

TUI bases how much hold baggage you are allowed based on the type of flight you book:

Flight Only

If you book a flight only, you get similar hand luggage allowances for the carry on luggage, no more than 10 kg and no larger than Thomson luggage dimensions of 50 x 40 x 20 cm.

For a flight only booking, there is no hold baggage allowance or checked baggage allowance. You have to pay for these at an extra cost either when you book your flight, when you check-in, or at the airport. Like most airlines, it is slightly less expensive to book online ahead of time compared to booking at the gate.

Depending on the booking you have, you will be able to pay extra for 20 kg or 25 kg in weight. The price for your checked bag booking is entirely contingent on your destination.

Package Holiday

If you booked a package holiday, you are allowed one piece of checked luggage weighing no more than 15 kg. For specific types of package holidays, you are allowed up to 20 kg. The amount you are allotted for hold baggage will be clearly marked when you book your trip based on where you are going.

You are also allowed one piece of hand luggage as long as it does not weigh more than 10 kg and is not bigger than 55 x 40 x 20 cm.

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TUI Cabin Allowance for Infants

TUI Airline allows an extra piece of hand luggage no greater than 10 kg for any infant under the age of 2. Families can bring a pushchair on board without any additional cost. However, anything beyond this such as a baby seat or extra bags with food will count toward the carry-on luggage for any ticketed passenger so parents won’t be able to bring personal items themselves without an additional cost because their personal items would count toward what they bring for the infant.

TUI Prohibited items

You may not bring items in your hand luggage such as:

  • Scissors, blades, knives, or anything that is considered sharp
  • Smaller vehicles that use lithium batteries like Segways or hoverboards
  • Firearms, ammunition, axes, or other weapons
  • Tools, especially battery-powered hand tools
  • Fireworks,
  • Liquid bleach

Baseball bats or other blunt items that an individual could use as a weapon

Luggage Delivery Company your TUI Baggage Alternative

Not knowing how much you will be charged in extra fees for your flight can make an upcoming trip very burdensome and hard to predict. This is one of many reasons why turning to a luggage delivery company can give you peace of mind. With the luggage delivery company you know exactly how much you will pay ahead of time with no surprises and no extra fees on the way home.

TUI Excess Baggage Additional Payments

In addition to paying extra to bring a bag onboard, any bag that you have is subject to weight and size restrictions. They charged an extra fee per kilogram based on the type of flight:

  • €17 per kg for any item over the allotted amount for short-haul flights
  • €19 per kg for any item over the allotted amount for medium-haul flights
  • €25 per kg for any item over the allotted amount for long-haul flights

As such, if you pay extra for a piece of checked hand luggage and on your return trip you are over 2 kg, it could cost you significantly for a long-haul flight. In these cases, turning to a luggage delivery company offers significant savings, peace of mind, and ease of use.

TUI airline is very restrictive when it comes to excess baggage. If you plan a spontaneous vacation, you will find it very difficult to bring excess baggage, particularly sporting equipment because of the rules regulating how far in advance you must notify the airline. This is one of the few airlines that requires notification for oversized items like overly large instruments or sporting equipment.

TUI Excess Baggage Allowance for Sports Equipment

For sporting equipment, you are required by TUI to let them know 2 months in advance if you want to bring any sports items with you on your flight. They have to be pre-booked, again with adequate notice to the airline. You have to phone the airline directly to let them know what sports equipment you plan to bring and they will determine whether you can bring it and at what cost.

TUI Carry-On Baggage Allowance and Musical Instruments

If you have musical instruments, you can only bring them on the plane as your checked luggage if they fit the standard carry-on luggage allowance. If you have a larger instrument that does not fit in the overhead bins or under the seat, the airline will require that you purchase an extra seat so that I may sit in the seat for the duration of your flight.

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