Spirit Airlines Baggage Allowance


If you intend to fly with Spirit Airlines, you should be aware of the most recent baggage restrictions and extra baggage fees.

Spirit Baggage Allowance

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Spirit Cabin Allowance for Infants

You are allowed to bring a collapsible child car seat but if it doesn’t fit within the overhead bin or directly under your seat, the airline will consider it part of your carry-on or checked bag allowance.

Spirit Checked/Hold Baggage Allowance

Every passenger has to pay an additional fee for any checked bags on Spirit Airlines. There is a maximum of five bags in the hold per person. No bag can be more than 18.1 kg (40 lbs) or a combined size of 158cm. The price is based on the number of bags you check and when you check them.

Any bag that exceeds these dimensions or weight will be classed as oversized or overweight and will incur additional costs.

Luggage Delivery Company your Spirit Baggage Alternative

If you have too many bags, not only do you have to pay the extra fees, but you have to try and balance them all as you drag them through the airport. This can be a hassle for just one flight let alone connecting flights. Instead, use a luggage delivery company as a viable alternative and enjoy the convenience of having your bags picked up from your doorstep and delivered immediately to your destination. You can have your bags at the hotel before you even arrive or in your cruise cabin the minute you open the door.

Spirit Extra fees for Overweight Bags

If you have bags that are overweight or your bag exceeds the dimension limitations, Spirit Airlines will charge you based on the size.

  • If your bag is between 41 lb and 50 lbs, 18 kg and 23 kg, you will be charged $30 per bag one way.
  • If your bag is between 51 lb and 70 lb or 23 kg and 32 kg, you will be charged $55 per bag one way.
  • If your bag is between 71 lb and 100 lb or 32 kg and 45 kg, you will be charged $100 per bag one way.
  • If your bag is between 68 in and 80 in or, 158 cm and 208 cm, you will be charged $100 per bag, one way.
  • If your bag is beyond 70 in total or 203cm total, you will be charged $150 per bag one way

Spirit Prohibited items

There are items banned completely from your flight including:

  • Fireworks and flares
  • Dynamite
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Pool chlorine
  • Bleach or oven cleaner
  • Torch lighters

There are also items banned in large amounts which must be checked in your bags including:

  • Hair spray cans
  • E-cigarettes and vaping devices
  • Personal cans of pepper spray

There are items banned completely from your carry on luggage including:

  • Pocket knives
  • Gel candles
  • Snow globes

Spirit Excess Baggage Allowance for Sports Equipment

Sporting equipment can be checked but the fees are based on the type of equipment you bring. For example, if you bring a bicycle and you check it into the hold, Spirit Airlines will charge you $75 one way. If you bring a bag with surfboards, there is a limit of 2 surfboards per bag and Spirit Airlines will charge you $100 per bag. Smaller items like snowboards or golf bags will be subject to any standard checked baggage fees.

For example, you are travelling with one checked bag that weighs 45 lb. You are also travelling with your bicycle and a snowboard bag. The one checked bag that weighs 45 lb would be subject to a $30 fee one way for being overweight. The bicycle would be charged $75 one way. The snowboard bag because it is 75 in long would be charged $100 per bag in addition to counting as your second checked bag which you booked online at the time you made your ticket equaling $41. In total you would be charged $41 + $100 + $75 + $30 extra, or $241.

Spirit Carry-On Baggage Allowance and Musical Instruments

If you are bringing musical instruments, Spirit Airlines considers them your typical carry-on item which means they must fit within the carry-on baggage allowances.

For example, Spirit Airlines allows passengers to bring one small personal item which is no larger than 18 in by 14 in by 8 in or 45 cm by 35 CM by 20 cm. Any carry-on item larger than this or in addition to the first Carry On will be subject to a fee.

This fee for additional carry-on items is based on when you purchase space for an additional carry on. For example, you can purchase space for an additional carry on at the time you make your ticket booking, during check-in, at the airport when you check other bags, or at the gate before you get on your flight. The standard rate is $37, one way if you purchase the extra space online when you book your ticket. If you purchase during check-in the cost is $47 one way. If you purchase at the airport it is $55 one way, or $65 one-way if you purchase at the gate.

Bear in mind that passengers who fail to account for the extra carry on space of their musical instrument might be charged the $65 fee, one way if, at the gate, it is determined that the item is too large.

Any oversized musical instruments can be put in the seat next to you if you purchase another ticket. That ticket has to be for a window seat and the instrument has to be secured against the window. Alternatively, you can ship your musical instrument as your checked luggage as long as it fits within the dimensions and weight requirements. For items that exceed either of these, fees will be charged.

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