KLM Baggage Allowance


Travelling with KLM? find out all there is to know about their baggage limits, extra bag fees, and what your ticket allows based on your destination. Don’t get caught off guard by extra baggage fees.

KLM Baggage Allowance

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KLM Checked/Hold Baggage Allowance

Passengers who have economy tickets for an Intercontinental or European flight are allowed to check one bag so long as it does not exceed 158cm or 62 inches in dimension and is within 23 kg or 50 lbs.

Passengers with economy light tickets do not have any free checked baggage but they can purchase it for additional fees. Purchasing a bag with the same dimensions and weight limits online will cost only 25 euros. Purchasing at the airport for an InterContinental or European flight will cost 40 euros.

Passengers who have business class tickets are allowed to bring two hold bags with the same weight and dimension limitations.

Note: No matter the ticket you have, any bags beyond what you are allowed will incur extra baggage fees. The cost is based on the weight and destination.

Luggage Delivery Company your KLM Baggage Alternative

If your booking provides you with limited checked bag allowances, and you don’t want to deal with the extra fees for having more than one bag of the same size or weight, a luggage delivery company is the best alternative. Luggage delivery companies seamlessly transfer all of your luggage for the same flat fee from your doorstep to your destination and back again. You don’t have to drag your bags through the airport or deal with the unexpected high fees for a slightly oversized bag. No need to worry if you bring home clogs for the family you won’t have to carry them!

KLM Baggage Overweight Fees

KLM charges overweight fees for any checked luggage that exceeds the weight limitations. The cost ranges between 20 Euro and 100 euro 4 items between 23 kg and 32 kg, or 50 lb and 70.5 lb. If you bring an item that weighs more than 32 kg or 470.5 pounds, KLM will charge you between 100 euro and 300 euro to transport the item under the aircraft as cargo.

Bear in mind that each ticket with KLM comes with a limit on how many bags do you have so if you are bringing a heavy or bag that exceeds this limit, you will be subject to fees for overweight bags and excess baggage.

KLM Cabin Allowance for Infants

KLM also allows you to bring one baby bag if you have an infant travelling with you on your lap. Be advised however that this is contingent upon the type of ticket you have. Passengers who are travelling with the economy light ticket are not allowed to check any additional carry-on bag for their infant without an additional fee.

Those who have a regular economy ticket, business class, or first class can bring one bag so long as it is not more than 10 kilograms or 22 lb. This baby bag cannot be more than 55 x 35 x 25 cm or 22 x 14 x 10 inches. You are also allowed 1 collapsible buggy. You can bring breast milk or formula on your flight with or without an infant in your checked bags and small amounts in your carry-on bag.

Tip: If you have large amounts of baby formula or breast milk, consider packing only what you need in your carry-on and the rest in your checked bag.
However, beyond this, the airline does not allow you to bring extra cabin baggage unless it counts as yours.

KLM Prohibited items

Completely prohibited items include weapons like explosives or liquid bleach, lighter fluid, or oven cleaner. E-cigarette devices or vaping devices cannot go in your checked bags and must go in your carry on. There are things you can only pack in your checked bag such as:

  • External medical devices
  • Foam toy swords
  • Magic 8 balls
  • Golf clubs

KLM Excess Baggage Allowance for Sports Equipment

Anyone bringing sporting equipment on KLM flights will have to check their bags. Things like individual snowboard bags or surfboard bags or golf bags will count as individually checked luggage. So, if you and a partner are travelling and you each have golf bags or you each have snowboard bags, you will each face extra fees for checked bags. New pair. There are also size limitations on sporting equipment. It cannot be bigger than 300 cm total in length, or 118 in. It also cannot weigh more than 23 kg or 50.5 lbs. If it does weigh more than this it is subject to not only excess baggage fees but overweight fees.

KLM Carry-On Baggage Allowance and Musical Instruments

KLM allows you to bring a small musical instrument on the plane as long as they are within 55 x 35 x 25 cm or 22 x 14 x 10 inches. Any musical instrument that falls within these parameters counts towards your carry-on luggage so instead of being able to bring any type of small backpack or purse, you would be allowed to bring your musical instruments.

If you have something that is larger than the size limitations, the airline permits you to purchase a second seat next to yours in which a large instrument can be placed. However, large instruments, unlike passengers, have limits on the dimension and the weight. If you purchase an extra seat for a bigger instrument it can’t be larger than 140cm total or 55 in total and it cannot weigh more than 45 kg or 99 pounds.

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