Jet2 Baggage Allowance and Fees


Jet2 Baggage Allowance

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When planning a trip with the Jet2 airline, you need to be clear on all the baggage regulations. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the Jet2 airline’s baggage allowance fees and restrictions.

Hand Luggage Allowance

Jet2 passengers are allowed to bring one piece of hand luggage on board the aircraft. The hand luggage dimensions should not exceed 56 x 45 x25cm and must be less than 10kg. If your luggage is larger than these dimensions additional charges will apply. In Addition to hand luggage, Jet2 passengers are allowed to carry onboard one small piece of hand luggage for example a small handbag that can be stowed under the seat in front of you.

Jet2 Hold Luggage Allowance

The airline’s allowance for checked baggage allows for up to three checked items. These are checked in as hold baggage and may not exceed 22kg in weight. Baggage above this limit will incur additional charges. When checking in your baggage, you will be charged depending on your destination. Checked baggage fees are  £8 – £45 depending on the destination. Baggage over the 22kg weight limit will incur an additional £12 per kg and must be authorized by Jet2 staff. Jet2 does not allow any baggage in excess of 32 kg.

Infant Hand Luggage

Infants under the age of two years are not allocated an allowance for hand luggage. Any of their travel necessities are factored in as part of their guardian’s hand luggage. Items such as strollers or car seats can only be used up to the plane’s air bridge or boarding steps. After this point, they must be checked. There is no charge for these items if they are under 10kgs in weight.

Infant’s Checked Baggage

Car seats and foldable strollers and similar items can be checked for no additional charge as long as they do not exceed 10kg. Infant checked luggage that was not pre-booked will incur an additional fee of £45 per item. Checked luggage for infants have similar regulations like other baggage: a maximum of 3 items, each weighing no more than 22kg. Additional weight above 22kg will incur an additional £12 per kg. Jet2 does not allow any baggage in excess of 32 kg.

Musical Items

Musical items can be checked in as any other luggage as long as it meets the standard dimensions: 10kg and below and 56 x 45 x 25cm. Jet2 also allows passengers to purchase additional seat space for musical equipment or large baggage as long as it does not exceed 65kg and is not too tall to surpass seat height by over 30 cm.

Prohibited Carry-On Items

Liquids, such as toiletries, can be carried on board as part of their hand luggage. Such liquids should not exceed 100ml containers with 20 x 20cm dimensions. Liquid containers must be transparent and in a releasable plastic bag. Just ensure all liquids are tightly closed and sealed.

Items prohibited in carry-on baggage include weapons, sharp tools or corrosive/hazardous materials. This also includes any parts of weapons or supplies like gunpowder. harped edged items, like knives, are also prohibited. Devices with lithium batteries should not be checked but rather carried on with you.

Sports Equipment and Exceptional Items

Some luggage items are classified as exceptional baggage. These items are extra-large, heavy, and/or fragile. These items can be check-in under special regulations. Equipment such as bicycles, golf clubs or even musical instruments can be pre-booked online for reduced fees. Exceptional luggage must fit within standard dimensions. For example, a single bicycle must not exceed 32 kg while golfing clubs and sporting accessories such as snowboards or skis must be within 180 x 90 cm and not exceed 22kg when checked in as hold baggage.

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