Iberia Airlines Baggage Allowance


Don’t allow the troubles of baggage allowance affect that wonderful travel experience with Iberia Airlines. Learn all you need to know about their baggage restrictions and limits before you reach the airport.

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Iberia Baggage Allowance

Iberia Carry-on Baggage.

You are allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item. Due to frequent congestion of the aircraft cabin, carry-on baggage may be transferred into the hold at no extra cost. If your carry-on baggage weighs more than the free baggage allowance, you would be required to pay an extra fee before it is transported. Below are the different carry-on baggage weights for the different ticket types.

Economy/Premium Economy: 1 cabin bag + 1 personal item = maximum 10kg.

Business class (short/medium haul): 1 cabin bag + 1 personal item = maximum 14kg.

Business + Long haul: 2 cabin bags + 1 personal item = maximum 14kg.

Cabin bag: Must not exceed a dimension of 56cm x 40cm x 25cm. Any baggage that exceeds this dimension must be checked in.

Personal item: Must not exceed a dimension of 40cm x 30cm x 15cm. Any baggage exceeding this dimension can either be added to the cabin bag or checked in.

Note: If you’re travelling with a baby, you are allowed to take their carrier or food bag as carry-on baggage.

Iberia Checked Baggage Allowance.

Each piece of checked-in baggage allowed on Iberia Airlines must be below 23kg, and must not be above the dimension of 158cm (height + width + length). Handles, wheels, and pocket compartments would be included in the dimensions.

The amount of free baggage allowed is dependent on the ticket type you book.

Extra fees for checked baggage.

Any extra baggage checked in would come with a fee of £65- £80 depending on your ticket type and destination. The breakdown is as follows:

To/ FromEconomyPremium
Plus/ Class
Domestic, Europe, North Africa &
Middle East
£47Free excess baggage
US, Mexico &
£65£65Free excess baggage
Latin America, Asia &
South Africa
£80£80Free excess baggage

Also note that baggage weighing above 32kg would not be allowed on the flight, with or without an extra fee.

If you wish to get extra baggage allowance than the number allocated for your ticket type, you can book for more allowance on the Iberia website.

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Special and Prohibited Baggage

Musical, sport, or any other heavy equipment weighing between 32kg to 45kg would be treated as extra baggage and are subject to an extra fee of $180. If your choose to carry firearms or hunting equipment, they would be kept in the airline hold and are subject to a fee of $90. Other charges, fees, or taxes may apply depending on the regulations of the country of your destination.

Electric wheelchairs and mobile aids would be kept in the hold, as long as they are within the requirements for the free checked baggage.

Golf clubs, skis, skateboards, bikes, and other equipment are subjected to special fees. Ensure you check the official website of Iberia Airlines to know the costs of carrying this equipment along.

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