American Airlines Baggage Allowance

American Airlines

If you’re travelling with American Airlines, make sure you learn about their new baggage allowances and fees

American Airlines Baggage Allowance

Send Your Luggage

When you don’t want the hassle of lugging oversized luggage through multiple international airports or standing around the airport carousel waiting for your luggage and hoping it wasn’t damaged, consider using a luggage delivery company. A luggage delivery company provides a standard, flat fee for each of your items without the anticipation of unexpected fees for weight or dimensions. 

What’s more, when you send your luggage it is picked up directly from your location whether you are at home or on a cruise and sends it where you need. You won’t have to worry about loading heavy luggage into the metro, into your cab, or into an already overcrowded car from one city to the next.

American Airlines Cabin Allowance for Infants

Families travelling with infants are allowed to bring one diaper bag per infant and one soft cooler in which to store breastmilk or similar food. Things like strollers and car seats even if they are collapsible have to be checked at the gate and do not qualify as part of the carry-on allowance for infants.

American Airlines Prohibited items

Prohibited items for all American Airlines flights include:

  • Hoverboards
  • oil based paint or fuel
  • paint stripper or hydrogen peroxide
  • oven cleaner or bleach
  • pepper spray or mace
  • vehicle batteries (though these can be shipped freight for an additional charge)
  • E-cigarettes or vaping devices are not allowed in your checked luggage but you can bring them in your carry-on 
  • Mobility devices such as electric wheelchairs are not allowed at all 
  • Tools like crowbars, drills, hammers, and saws can go in your checked bags only but not your carry-on 

American Airlines Checked/Hold Baggage Allowance

For domestic flights, economy passengers and basic economy passengers are allowed to check one bag no more than 62 in or 158 centimetres in total dimensions for the length plus width plus height. The bag cannot be heavier than 50 lb or 23 kilograms. The cost is $30 for the first bag, $40 for a second checked bag, $150 for a third checked bag, and $200 for any additional checked bags.

For international flights, economy passengers are allowed to check one bag for free in accordance with the 62 in or 158 cm limit for dimensions and 50 lb or 23 kg mg for weight limits. A second bag will cost an additional $100. Any bags beyond this will cost $200 per bag. Any basic economy passengers on international flights can check their first bag for $60 but they are not giving any free checked bags as part of their tickets. Second, third, and any additional bags will incur the same cost as economy passengers.

First-class passengers and business class passengers are allowed to check one bag for free up to 70 lb or 32 kg. However, beyond the first bag, the same fees will apply.

Luggage Delivery Company: Your American Airlines Baggage Alternative 

If you are travelling with a lot of luggage, gifts for family or you have multiple people travelling with you, a luggage delivery company is a viable alternative to these extra fees. Luggage delivery companies will charge flat rates so the type of ticket you get will have no bearing on your fees.

shipping luggage unaccompanied

American Airlines Excess Baggage Fees

If your bag exceeds the dimensions or the weight permitted by your ticket and your destination, American Airlines will charge you an excess baggage fee. This applies to oversized items like large sports equipment as well as heavier items and of course bags in excess of what your ticket allows.

For example, transatlantic flights for economy passengers come with a limit of one checked bag. A second checked bag will be charged an additional $100. If you bring a third checked bag or anything beyond that, you have to pay an additional $200 for each bag.

Note: You are allowed to bring up to 10 bags total depending on your destination, but each will incur the $100 or $100 additional fee.

What if My Bag is Overweight?

Overweight bags will incur additional fees. For example, those who are travelling within the United States and Canada or to and from these destinations are allowed bags no more than 50 lb or 23 kilograms. Anything over that will be charged an additional $100 per bag.

If your bag is overweight, more than 70 lb or 32 kg, your baggage will be charged an additional $200 per bag.  However, most flights will not allow bags that weigh more than 100 lb or 45 kg even if you are willing to pay the extra $200. For this reason, having a luggage delivery company can solve your travel problems. Luggage delivery companies will still ship heavier items for you directly to your destination.

American Airlines Excess Baggage Allowance for Sports Equipment

American Airlines allows a maximum size for sporting equipment of 126 in or 320 cm and a maximum weight of 70 lb or 32 kg. If your equipment bag has anything other than a specific boarding item, such as an oversized snowboard bag that you packed with snowboard clothing, American Airlines will charge you as a standard checked bag and give you additional oversized fees for the bag. 

The fees for each type of sports equipment vary. 

For example, You are allowed one pair of skis or one snowboard or one surfboard or paddleboard as a checked item which means the price you pay will vary based on the type of ticket you have and how many other checked bags you have.

American Airlines Carry-On Baggage Allowance and Musical Instruments

American Airlines allows you to bring a musical instrument on board as long as you can fit in the overhead container or under the seat in front of you without inhibiting your ability to get in and out of the seat. 

Only smaller carry-on instruments like flutes or violins will meet these requirements. Larger instruments like guitars will not fit in the carry-on measurement limitations and will have to be shipped as an excess bulky item incurring additional fees from the airline unless you purchase a separate ticket, which might be even more expensive. 

If the item is oversized you can purchase an extra ticket for the seat next to you in which to secure your instruments as long as that seat is a bulkhead window seat and it is directly next to yours. There is a weight limit of 165 pounds or 75 Kg for all musical instruments.

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