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Are you taking a flight with Air New Zealand? Do you want to know how many bags you can bring? Get answers to all of your baggage-related inquiries, such as how many you’re permitted to bring, what not to pack, excessive baggage, and other essential concerns. This comprehensive detailed guide covers all you need to know about the baggage allowance on air New Zealand.

Air New Zealand Baggage Allowance

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Carry-on size is estimated by measuring the length, width, and height of a bag (including wheels and handles). The total linear dimensions (A + B + C) can be up to 118cm (46.5 inches).

Economy tickets include one carry-on bag and one compact item, such as a purse or a thin laptop computer. Members of Premium Economy, Business Premier, connecting Business Premier, AirpointsTM Gold, Elite, and Star Alliance Gold can bring two bags plus one small item.

Weight Policy

The weight of an economy carry-on bag is limited to 7kg (15lb). Carry-on luggage for Premium Economy, Business Premier, connecting Business Premier, and AirpointsTM Gold, Elite, and Star Alliance Gold members can weigh up to 14kg (30lb), with one item weighing up to 10kg (22lb).

Excess Carry-on baggage

If your carry-on luggage exceeds your allowance and your ticket includes checked baggage, you have a few options:

  • Repack a few items in your checked luggage.
  • Purchase a Prepaid Extra Bag to add an additional checked bag.
  • Pay any extra baggage fees at the airport.

You didn’t include checked baggage in your fare? If you have a Seat Only reservation, just upgrade to a Seat + Bag price.

Looking for an alternative way to send your bags? Read more.

Restricted Carry-on Baggage

There are several items that are not permitted for carry-on baggage. To keep everyone safe, there are some items that must not be brought inside the aeroplane cabin and others that must meet particular requirements.

Local airport security regulations on carry-on items differ by nation, so you may need to verify local criteria on prohibited products. We urge that you check recalls.govt.NZ before you travel to see a list of items that have been excluded from the prohibited list.

Air New Zealand Checked Baggage Allowance

When you book directly with Air New Zealand, your luggage allowance is included in the price of your e-ticket. Except for seat-only prices that include only carry-on luggage, all of Air New Zealand rates include checked-in luggage. You can increase your checked luggage allowance to a maximum of three by purchasing Prepaid Extra Bags.

Here’s a breakdown of Air New Zealand checked baggage allowances:

  • Domestic Flight

One checked bag is included with Seat+Bag and Flexichange tickets. Two bags are included with the Flexirefund ticket.

  • International Flight

Seat+Bag, Theworks and Economy prices include one checked-in bag, Worksdeluxe and Premium Economy flights include two, and Business PremierTM fares include three, with no further bags permitted.

  • Exceptions
  1. The luggage allowance for Theworks tickets to Honolulu is two checked bags.
  2. The luggage allowance for Economy tickets to Shanghai, Singapore, and Taipei is two checked bags. The luggage allowance for Economy tickets departing Australia for the United States (except Honolulu), South America, and Canada is two checked bags.

On Air New Zealand regional domestic flights, Fast Luggage is an added advantage for Elite, Gold, and Koru members, who may pick up their bags directly beside the aircraft.

Weight Policy

Before incurring costs, each checked-in luggage can weigh up to 23kg (50lb). If there is space on the plane, you can pay an extra baggage fee at the airport and obtain up to 32kg (70lb). The cheapest and safest alternative is to repack and purchase a Prepaid Extra Bag before your travel.


The length, breadth, and height of a bag are measured and added together to determine its size. Each checked-in luggage can have a total length of up to 158cm (62 inches).

If your baggage is larger, you may pay an oversize fee at the airport and check it in if room is available on the plane. You also have the option of having two bags that meet these specifications, purchasing a Prepaid Extra Bag before your flight, and repacking.

Excess Baggage Allowance

Excess luggage charges are sometimes inevitable. Even with costs, checking your belongings is still one of the most cost-effective methods to travel with all of your belongings. Excess luggage is charged in three different ways.

  • Additional luggage or goods not covered by your baggage allowance
  • Any item weighing more than 23kg but less than 32kg
  • Any item that exceeds the size restrictions

You must ship your item as cargo if it weighs more than 32kg. Fees are assessed for each large item, in addition to any additional bag fees. The costly fees you have to pay and the stress you may go through to get your baggage with Air New Zealand may be exhausting and time-consuming, However, using our credible and certified luggage shipping service will ease you of the stress.

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If your baggage is heavier than 23kg, here are some options:

  1. Pay a fee for excess weight.

You can pay an overweight fee at the airport if your overweight suitcase weighs less than 32kg and there is room on the aircraft. It will be less expensive to repack your suitcase and purchase a prepaid additional bag rather than paying at the airport.

  1. Make use of our Luggage Delivery Company.

If you can’t repack your baggage to make it less than 32kg, you won’t be able to check it in. At least five days before your travel, contact our readily available customer care at Luggage Delivery Company and we will be glad to help you get your luggage to your destination on time and at an affordable price.

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